Condemned is a 2+ year daytime raiding guild. We are looking for people who can raid during the afternoon for 3 hours, 3 times a week consistently. We currently need people who know their class, can CC, are skilled and who want to show up and raid. We will consider any exceptional candidate.

Server : US | Bladefist | Horde
Schedule : Tues thru Thurs, 12 noon to 3pm Server (Pacific Time)

Condemned is an amazing guild filled with mature talented individuals, most of the members are 21+ years old. The environment is friendly coupled with a strong focus on progression. If you're looking for a home is great to log into, a raid that presses your level of talent and leaders who genuinely enjoy seeing their members happy, then consider joining Condemned.

Applications can be submitted at the website then you’ll be contacted shortly to speak with the guild officers in vent about your application.