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Thread: Threat drop in Intervene

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    You only take the next melee or ranged hit of your intervene target, essentially anything Unblockable will still hit the intended target. Since Decimation Blade is a Boss special attack it can't be blocked, and you can't take that attack for them

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    You do take one attack for them, it works as intended. I Intervene when I am above 90%, he just took a hit and his taunt is coming off CD in the next few seconds. I intervene, steal aggro usually, OT taunts back, I eat the hit and boss is back on him. Gives him an extra 3-4 seconds to get healed up. This works 100% and does not seem to be affected by Baleroc's offhand.
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    Intervene isn't an extra shield wall every 30 seconds, it's not intended to be that, it's not going to be that. Ta-da.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feralminded View Post
    On shannox I'm the OT half a mile from the boss and when the spear is thrown I leap then intervene him to reduce the damage he takes from the spear explosion. It's not a big deal but it helps both move me and reduce damage on him. On Baeleroc the MT cannot intervene decimations but the OT sure can intervene nearly every flaming destruction (or whatever the fire swords are called) assuming the tank is good at TPS.
    When I had safeguard in my spec I used to intervene our DK tank during the Inferno blade for the 30% redux. The odd thing is that when I would do that and the priest would cast guardian spirit on him I would ninja it. I assume it was because of the intervene take 1 hit component but am not sure. This happened two times before I started timing it differently. The priest, of course, always said he had cast it on the DK.

    I'll have to see if I can dig up the old logs to verify that's what happened.

    Anyone else had this experience with Intervene?

    Edit: Ok, parsed the log, it appears that the other Holy priest cast it on me at about the same time.... Odd....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity View Post
    Intervene isn't an extra shield wall every 30 seconds, it's not intended to be that, it's not going to be that. Ta-da.
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