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Thread: Shannox 10hc - help!

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    Shannox 10hc - help!

    I am hoping somebody can help us or at least offer suggestions. We killed Ragnaros 3 weeks ago and thought shannox hc would be reasonably easy. Well, we have hit a wall. We are currently tanking him in alrayzor's room, having tried outside the room. We have 2 ranged FULL TIME on breaking facerage duty (shammy and mage) and 3 melee. Tanks warrior (shannox) and pally (riplimb). Three healers : pally, shammy and druid or holy priest. We are setup in a T shape - shannox tank top middle of the t, the face rage breakers on the tips of the t and the riplimb tank and the base.

    The problems are numerous. Tank stacks are pretty ok but people die from face rage, the buff does not always get dropped (even though we all move to get away from it) and ranged die when breaking face rage (mostly I believe because they are out of ranged of healers). The wol for our last tries is below :

    Tbh after 7 hours on the boss, it seems utterly hopeless as our best tries barely see the boss at 75% before somebody dies. I have tried for many hours to look for tips (such as having melee denonate fire traps) but nothing seems to work for us. Literally any assistance or help would be much appreciated.

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    Alyrazor's room is a great idea, but why a L formation? We just use a square (any will do) at the beginning of the instance, side length about 80y. If there are to many traps in one spot we just move from A to B (edges of the square), continueing to C if necessarey. The riplimp tank adjusts accordingly to keep the biggest possible range between the hound and his master. Have the camp sitting close to the boss to avoid uncessary damage from Magma Flare, one healer focussing on camp + Rageface victims and one respectively for each tank with Riplimps tank can easily assist on camp healing half of the time.

    Have ONE dps assigned for freeing people from rageface with one backup. This way your healers know who will be generally taking lots of damage (either shaman due to higher armor class or mage with frost armor will do) and the other dps can focus on killing Shannox.

    Also: usage of crystal traps
    You simply don't want to reset Riplimps stacks via those traps (unless stacks gets really high or something went wrong), it should be done with proper kiting. You might even want to swap both tanks due to advanced movement of the warrior (spear throw? -> you can heroic leap on every second and always intervene). This leaves you with way more leeway to properly reset Rageface's frenzy.

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    Your frenzy stacks is what is killing people, you have to trap rageface and run away from him to reset the stacks, having set positions i guess could work but you would run rageface over too many immo traps, gaining the non-trap debuff.
    Basically, switch areas every 25-30% on shannox having a fresh area to fight in with no traps around. Max dps on the boss aswell. only have your ele shaman and mage switch to rageface when he facerages to cover each other.
    Positioning yourself in between rageface and a crystal trap is also vital in keeping his stacks down. Also remember whoever breaks the face rage is going to get targetted next. Make sure you use bops for high frenzy stack facerages.

    As klausi said have your warrior pick up riplimb as heroic leap/intervene combo-breakers usually win the fight.

    If you find your stacks of the bleed arent dropping have your warrior pick up piercing howl and your mage spec out of the arcane-blast slow talent so he can manually put it up on riplimb if you aren't already.

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    warriors can also stance dance and hamstring without specing into piercing howl, though it is trickier.
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    i agree with the others your main issue is reseting rageface, make sure your dps are not standing near the fire traps and when they get targeted have them stand near frost traps. once encased in frost all of the grp move(not tanks) to other side. if you look below a and b are tanks and grp swaps loosly between c and d area but are spread out on those sides and not stacked, c will be the frost trap then all will go to d as far as needed to reset. we did this on the road near the entrance to spider. we aslo changed locations as a whole 1 time to reset traps.

    a---------------------------------- b

    another thing for your riplimp tank is as a war mentioned above you can intervene but what we did was we had totem set and i made macro to intervene the totem for a reliable movement, also once you do that you can get close to shann and even charge him for extra movement(on your shams totem mass placement ability have them take out 1 of them so they dont reset it). shannox can be moved also if timed correctly about 5-10 yards right b4 riplimp is about to give him back the spear, then shannox must immediately be repositioned. slowing plays a critical role however you choose to do it. another thought your riplimp tank must consider is while he is draging riplimp away from the spear and doing his h leap intervene charge, he doesnt want to get hit at end of it! so for kites the goal is to start the cd timer as soon as possible. often if you start your movement rotation right away the dam dog with tap you 1 time mid kite or at the end and then start runing to spear reseting timer. to counter this I will walk 5-7 yards first then start my movement rotation, that way when i start the rotation its guaranteed to be the start of resetting timer. I hope this was explained in a way you can understand sorry if it wasn't clear.

    here is our mage pov keep in mind this was our first kill so our strat wasnt perfected but it displays the general idea of what i was talken about prob mute music its a lil poltical for me : ) but fights good and are mage is great.
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