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Thread: What is the verdict on Deep Wounds?

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    What is the verdict on Deep Wounds?

    So I've read conflicting arguments the past while about whether or not it's worth it to spec into Deep Wounds. I currently do so, but I admit that I don't pay too much attention to Recount to see if it's making a big difference. I used to be specced into Thunderstruck and Gag Order for heroic farming but took them out to make a more "raid oriented" spec for tanking T11 and Firelands raids.

    I've been using AskMrRobot lately and wanted to see what spec it recommends, and it gives me this (although it says it's 8/2/31 when it is really not), with 3 points leftover that I presume should go into Incite:

    AskMrRobot says to use this spec

    So I am curious if my spec is correct for raid tanking? I have tanked 12/12 T11 (admittedly after the nerf, as this toon was an alt until a few weeks ago) and Shannox in FL; going to be attempting Beth'tilac this weekend.

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    Can't seem to get your link to work, but for talent comparisons, see sig, although I'ld personally go for DW over Incite, especially in a raid environment, where 5% crit buff is usually present (plus, it's more useful in rage-starved phases or simply for the occasional heroic)
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    I'm curious as to the need for Gag Order, Is there something on HC difficulty that means Warriors need the silence?

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    I think he was talking about for heroic 5man farming and pugs, not HC raid farming (talk about hardcore...). Less likely to have reliable silence/cc/md/tricks.

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