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Thread: worth wile propping trinket and inervate at the same time ? ( using a macro)

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    worth wile propping trinket and inervate at the same time ? ( using a macro)

    hey guys so i have recently got the tinket from the avengers of hyjal which increases my intellect by 1149 for 25 secs and i was wondering wether or not it would be worthwhile making a macro that would allow me to pop it at the same time as my innervate.... as it would be possible that my innervate would fall over into reggening my increased mana make by this trinket

    much love

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    Larger mana pool means more mana gained from innervate. Yes you would want to stack the cooldowns whenever possible, not sure why you would even question that. In the same regard however you could also tie it to throughput cooldowns such as Tranquility and Tree of Life as the intellect buff would greatly increase the throughput.

    I'm not exactly sure why you are asking this question. Stacking cooldowns which complement each other is always a good idea. In the manner of Innervate specifically though the only thing you don't want is to waste mana by exceeding your normal cap and losing it when the buff fades.
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    Fiery Quintessence is underbudget, it's worth noting. 383 Spirit and what averages out to 319 Intellect, compared to the much lower level Darkmoon Card: Tsunami which is a static 321 Intellect and 400 Spirit (which, despite what the tooltip implies, has a 100% uptime provided you cast at least one healing spell every 20 seconds).

    The only advantage that Fiery Quintessence has is that the Intellect is a cooldown, meaning it could be worth more mana if you use it in conjunction with Innervate/Divine Plea, or it could make a nice throughput cooldown. I personally will be skipping it in favor of the reliable Intellect and higher Spirit value.

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    If you macro it to Innervate and/or healing CDs (Tranq, ToL,...) then it is definately useful.
    As an Engineer, I do the same with my glove enchant on all my big abilities (e.g. MTT, Earth Shield, Healing Rain, etc on Shaman) and just basicly get the same healing out of it as if I would drop it on cooldown.
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    I have always found that dropping an innervate during power torrent to the the most effective and it doesn't cost you a cooldown. The timing isn't always perfect but a few seconds late on an innervate usually isn't the end of the world. That would leave your trinket for Tranq / tree.

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