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Thread: resto since 4.2

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    resto since 4.2

    So I havent played my resto shammy since before 4.2 and if I remember correctly stat priority was haste crit mastery. But since 4.2 have the stats changed to mastery haste crit??? Or are we shooting for a haste cap then mastery ??? Can i get some clarification. thanks

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    A good place to start looking are the stickied guides relating to what you are asking. This one is kept up to date:


    But... to sum it up... Int > Spirit till enough > whatever you need for your playstyle.
    If you like fast cast spells with more hot ticks and can reach the haste thresholds, go haste.
    If you like more mana regeneration and the RNG of crits, go critical strike.
    If you like the increased heals from the mastery, go mastery.

    I prefer hitting a certain haste threshold and then balancing out crit and mastery. That's my personal playstyle. Your's and other's may differ.
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    Generally people go for Haste cap > Mastery/Crit in firelands.
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