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Thread: Prot. Warrior In Need of Advice

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    Prot. Warrior In Need of Advice

    Recently I've made a return to Warcraft after a good 7 odd month absence (basically since Cata hit). A good friend of mine situated me into his guild and went around to offer me a position as a "Raid Leader", and future Officer upon successfully forging a solid second 10 man raid team. For the most part, I've always been a tank, and a raid leader. Thing of it is with each expansion, tanking changes a bit. Lately I have been grinding my way to a somewhat solid tanking set when a something sorta hit me. "I need advice.". I've read up lately on some forum posts (both within and outside of Tankspot), and have talked to a few friends to figure somethings out, but having heard so many different things I, in a sense, am still a "little" clueless. So I sorta figured I'd ask here.

    What I need to know:
    (The following is a link to my toon:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...uciffer/simple)

    Main questions I wanna know the answer to are:
    What is the recommended ammount of Mastery, Parry, and Dodge that I need in order to enter the lower end raid content with few problems? (basically everything but Firelands at this time)

    As for Hit and Expertise, what's the recommended stats entering 10 man raid content?

    And lastly,

    With the current equipment I have, do you believe I'm capable of entering BWD, along with other 10 man raid content, with few concerns?

    (Edit: I just noticed I left two sockets without any gems in them, if anything I'm making final preparations for this up coming Tuesday. Again, advice, input, answers to my questions welcome. Thank you)
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    With tier11 being nerfed to hell it's hard to say, before the nerf having a 346 ilvl of the appropriate gear was enough, for a warrior tank you want to be getting as much block as you can, and then spreading the rest of your item bufget between dodge and parry, with a slight bias towards parry. ideally Dodge+Parry+block will be greater than 72.4% so you'll have full combat table coverage with shield block up.

    As for hit and expertise, you want as little as each, You probably won't be able to get them down to 0 but you should be aiming for it.

    you should be fine for Tier 11 raids, though i would sort your gemming out. You don't want or need +60stam gems. Mastery is your best friend, every gem should be mastery or a mastery hybrid gem.

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    Required hit + expertise = Zero. Just like Wrath. Especially since Recklessness is now a stance-less ability. If you do have the choice between only hit and expertise, choose expertise.

    A decent single target opener is Shout -> Heroic Throw -> Charge -> Reck + SB -> SS -> Dev -> Dev-> <other> the devs are to fish for SnB procs so you get a few more SSs with the 50% increased crit chance. Initial damage isn't that high, and the threat you gain is substational.

    After Reck fades, your vengence level should be high enough that threat isn't an issue with smart DPS. There are a couple of Ret pallies in our raid that can catch if their procs and crits line up, but after 20 seconds or so, it's good.


    Until you can hit 102.4 - block capped (won't use the term unhittable) - in your gear, Mastery >>> parry >= dodge. There is no 'hard' cap for mastery, at least not one that's achievable. Once you hit 102.4, then you can rebalance. Mastery will still give crit block, but it may be worth it to start moving rating into dodge/parry while maintining 102.4 (this will happen around 378/391 gear).


    As for your current gear, yeah. T11 (BWD, BoT, TotFW) were nerfed by 20 or 30% (can't remember the exact number) when 4.2 dropped. You actually outgear the normals. Hardmodes aren't affected, so closer to 359 gear would be better, but you're set for normals.

    However - see below on how to get more out of your gear - your gear is okay, but the way it's set up may be problematic.


    Personal recommendations on your spec - especially if you're raid centric (as opposed to dungeons).

    1. Drop Gag Order.
    2. Cap Shield Specilzation
    3. Blitz and Drums are more PvP talents, drop them.
    4. Put 3/3 in Deep wounds (best or close to it, single-target threat talent)
    5. Put 2/2 in cruelty
    6. Drop Imp Rev. I know there's a debate going on here, but I'm currently running 2/2 cruetly over 2/2 imp rev. It does feel like it works better.

    7. Replace sunder armor with Shockwave for glyphs.



    Yellow/Prismatic/DPS Socket bonus = 40 mastery gems
    Blue = 20 mastery / 30 stam
    Red = 20 mastery / 20 parry

    Stam gemming isn't optimal anymore. This isn't WotLK - healers may be approaching that level of mana, but only through good use of abilities and they don't really have the ability to nuke-heal you anymore. Smoothing out incoming damage (higher levels of block, essentially mastery) is the best way to make yourself healable.

    Your mastery is really, really low. Reforge everything, including trinkets, to have mastery on them if they don't have native mastery. Try to avoid gear with hit or exp on it unless it has a crapton of mastery to go with it (there's a helm somewhere in T11 with something like 325 mastery and 111 expertise).

    Sites like Askmrrobot.com will help you with reforgoing, but when choosing gear, looking toward mastery/(dodge/parry) as much as possible.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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