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Thread: How do i get good Singel Target DPS?

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    How do i get good Singel Target DPS?

    I am an shadow priest in ivl 353 atm. An i wounder is 10-11k dps good or bad with that ivl. And if is it bad, what could i do to better my self?

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    might help to post an armory link and also what rotation you are doing

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    This is the wrong forum, should be in HALP.

    Also need to know in what context you are talking about. AoE? Trash? Heroic Dungeons? Raid bosses? Target dummy? The context you are in will effect your numbers a great deal. If it was a raid boss, you are well below the hit cap currently.

    You may be iLevel 353 but your gear is neglected.
    Unenchanted and missing gems.
    No reforging at all.
    Your professions aren't high enough in level to provide their Cataclysm benefit.

    Those factors alone would actually make someone in like 346 gear be performing as well or possably better than you.
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