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Thread: Fire mage really needs help

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    Thank you soo much again for helping me. Your comment about my downtime on critical mass debuff was very helpful. Check out the kills on these logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zkxmzedlkozvklrz/
    I'm happy to report back a considerable improvement. If you have any comments about my performance from these more recent log, I'd be interested in hearing them.

    After trying Ragnaros with fire spec last night, I'm convinced to try using my new arcane spec. With fire I could not get the burst dps to take down my add during the intermission phase. I have a question about this and then many questions about arcane in general. Would it be a good idea to glyph into Arcane Barrage to be able to use that instant spell to get my add down fast? Or how do you deal with it? I'd also be intersted to hear any tips for Ragnaros.

    Here are my general questions about arcane:
    1. I have read that I should try to stay around 90% mana during my conservation phase of my rotation. How can I do that. I find it very hard. For example two stacks keep me anywhere from 80-100% and three stacks keeps me from 70-90%. What would you advise me to do?
    2. I would like to hear how you use Presence of Mind? Do you use it situationally or as a part of your rotation?
    3. I've read that an arcane mage should use Flame orb as part of their rotation after the burn phase. I'm not exactly sure I understand this. Could you explain this to me?
    4. What about AOE in arcane spec? Should I just use blizzard or should i put Ring of Frost down and use Arcane explosion? What do you do?
    5. I'm assuming that I should reforge all my crit to mastery? But then I read on this site that crit comes before haste for arcane http://www.noxxic.com/mage/arcane/re...-stat-priority. Is this true?
    6. Do you time your burst rotation with internal cds or do you just time it in relation to evocation without regard to internal cds?
    7. What about trinkets for acane? Would you advise me to go for the Moonwell Chalice?
    8. What about movment. Do you use mana on Arcane Barrage (perhaps even Fire Blast and Ice Lance?) or do you just quickly get to where you are going without casting and resume your rotation?
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