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Thread: I take more dmg in ZA than raids...

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    I take more dmg in ZA than raids...

    I find I take way more dmg in ZA than I do in raids and it's really starting to piss me off. My bear is easier to heal and he's 10 ilvls lower than this toon -_-. I know when to use CDs and all, but even though I'm tanking fine, it just seems like I'm taking a ton of dmg that I shouldn't be taking. Have I just gotten used to a bear rather than a pally or what?

    Also, save for T12 legs or get T12 hands right now? I have 1870 vp currently.

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    Will you be killing Shannox heroic any time soon (as in - in the next 3 weeks)? He drops the heroic legs upgrade token, which might sway your decision towards saving for the legs.

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    Do you raid with Disc/Holy Pallies with lots of bubbles on you and run ZA with healers that don't use bubbles as much?
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