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Thread: Warrior tank Gearing suggestion *sorta* Mastery Capped.

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    Warrior tank Gearing suggestion *sorta* Mastery Capped.

    Good afternoon everyone; for the past 2 tier, since mastery has came out; ive been trying to work on a gear system that would actually allow us to reach block cap (sorta) like paladins without gimping us in the process too much and I have decided of what my idea of gear will be for this tier, I wanted to share it on tankspot to see what would be discussion that would blossom out of it and because I am curious about how the stay of execution will be multiplied.

    First; one interesting thing blizzard has said is they do not beleive warrior and paladin being capped will make them extremely strong and durable tanks compare to DKs and Druids, I beleive they are wrong and we will most likely be nerfed on the next patch, nevertheless, this is about Fireland.

    I am not the most geared tank in the world, and nor am I in a top 100 US guild, but i am sure discussion can be made about this.

    First, this is my warrior tank http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...n/narph/simple
    Night elf (2% more chance to miss without diminishing returns)
    So basicly if you do some simple napkin math : I am at 93.69% (food buff) avoidance including the agility which has been changed in the last patch, therefore I am a little bit lower.
    once my trinket pops at 35% hp (Symbiotic worm) I reach 102,80% avoidance + block which is great for entering fireland. I am garanteed to take 30% less damage from any hits below 35%.

    In fireland gears, I decided to push it further; with normal gears, I can easily acheive 93.28% avoidance+block (based on the fact that the worm gives you 9,11% avoidance. And I can finally replace my BH trinket on none heavy magic fights by... Dun dun Dun *Stay of execution*

    At the point; if you read that far, you might say : whaaat? but let me explain the reasoning

    With more and more heroics pieces you get from Fireland, you will be able to slowly replace your mastery by dodge, parry and stamina BUT you have to stick to 93.28% avoidance. This advantage of this is : the bosses do not 1 shot you anymore in Catalcysm; they 3-4 shot you. So here is the theory in action and how it would be.

    Case A :
    You are at 50% hp, around 90 000 hp in 372, you will get hit again by Ragnaros for 35k average if against all odds, you do not block or parry. you are now at 55 000 hp;

    Now; you are pretty much in beastmode; you have 102,4% chance to block or dodge anything that can happen to you which will be reduced by a minimum of 31% (Meta gem) But you have 59% to critically block (60% higher than shield wall! ) and if you wish, you can pop shield block to reach 84% critical chance; and if you are lucky; you get the 10% critical block for your parry which gets you to 94% to reach critical block.

    To add to all of this; you can choose to use Stay of execution to reduce by another 20% the damage you take in that critical moment where you are close to death.


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    According to the tooltip the symbiotic worm only gives you mastery if the damage that pushed you below 35% was a melee hit. Considering the high amounts of magic damage and other damaging effects that hurt you in Firelands (like shannox bleeds), your equation won't always hold. I think the cooldown of the +mastery effect should also be kept in mind.

    I'm not saying that your approach isn't viable. Just trying to point out some possible problems associated with it.

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    I dont disagree about that; I think it is a very relevant point there; but this is why the 55en again; I havent-45% hp is where you will want to use your shield block and your stay of execution; to push yourself to around 71% chance to 60% damage reduction (Crit block) plus de 20% of the stay of execution.

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    Is this really a theory discussion or more of a personal HALP? or is it a gearing thing. in either case, i think it doesn't belong in this forum. moved to Gear for now.

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    I would go for 96,4% +4set bonus instead of 93,28% + trinket. Its even suggestion by a few people to go for tier hands/legs and better offset pieces and just go for as much combat table coverage as possible.
    Once you reach 96,4% you could indeed switch in a bit more parry and dodge but i think healers will like more stamina or full ctc better.

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