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Thread: Fury War trinkets

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    Fury War trinkets

    Hey all,

    So yea, I usually snoop around on countless of places for info like this, but in regards to trinkets I've seem to have hit a roadblock.
    I'm aware of the stat priorities and whatnot (I'm TG specced btw), but in my experience, trinkets are harder to proclaim as BiS than normal equipment, so I'd love some insight!

    I have access to:
    Crushing Weight normal
    Heart of Rage heroic
    License to Slay
    Aparratus of Khaz'goroth normal
    Vessel of Acceleration normal

    The reason I'm in doubt is that the stats of the latter 2 trinks appear awesome, but yet I've seen many top-end warriors using Heart of Rage hc and License to Slay.

    I really don't know if they're using that particular combo because it's superior, or because they simply haven't acquired any upgrades yet.

    Anyways, any insight would be most welcome, and if possible, with some math or examples to back it up (I'm horrible with math :C).

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    At the moment, I'm using the Heart of Rage Heroic and the Vessel normal. I tried out the apparatus but it seems a bit underwhelming on use. The simc and landsoul's spreadsheet show the apparatus lower than the license from what I've seen. Though I believe heroic apparatus and Vessel will end up being bis.

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    The elitist jerks thread went back and forth between H HoR and H Apparatus paired with H Vessel.

    It currently has Vessel and Apparatus together.

    As for whats best for you right now? That is dependent on the rest of your gear and your preference of use trinket vs. proc trinket.

    Human players don't exactly have the reactions of a simulation. Counting stacks and trying to align cd's with rotation can be a hassle and have the potential to be detrimental to overall dps. They don't always conveniently line up.

    I prefer trinkets that proc for the ease and consistency, and would use HoR and Vessel.

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