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Thread: Okay guys, fix me. I'm a fury warrior.

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    Okay guys, fix me. I'm a fury warrior.

    I'm new to playing a fury warrior. I'm trying to get my priorities straight for pve. What hit/expertise/crit am I aiming for? How would you itemize/gem/enchant my current gear?

    My rotation I'm sure is questionable.

    BT -> CS -> If Bloodsurge procced then slam, then BT again to try and get another Bloodsurge before CS wears off, if it didn't proc and I'm enraged then RB, if no RB, if rage is above 80% HS -> BT and repeat.

    My question is, am I losing out not hitting cs first?

    Also, what combination of trinkets would you use between:

    Darkmoon Card: Hurricane
    License to Slay
    Crushing Weight

    Here's my profile:

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    LtS + Crushing. Check out TGM's guide at the top of this forum http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Warrior-Guide
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    Check out TGM's guide at the top of this forum
    It's pretty darn thorough.

    If you have a short attention span, EJ's FAQ is a fast nuts and bolts breakdown.

    It won't answer your gem/chant queries like TGM's guide does.

    Get your Thera and Dragonmaw rep up for the chants.
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    Don't reforge for haste, you're still under expertise cap which is 26. Also you need to get enchants. Check out the guide your rotation is a bit off too.

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    Did you hit advanced and view your own profile? You can't expect people to spoon feed you too much.

    "2 empty glyph slots"-I suggest you go with berserker rage and battle shout glyphs
    "2 un-enchanted items"-one of them is pvp, shame on you. Although ruthless has lots of str so I guess I could see that for now.
    -No helm enchant and enchant on gloves is sub-par

    Overall you could really use some gear with expertise so you can reforge into more crit. Good news is your spec looks good. I suggest you get the valor neck and the cloak from firelands for rep since they have expertise. Here are the stats you want for your gear (and what you reforge to get)......expertise (26)>hit 8%>Str>Crit>more than 8% hit>haste>mastery. Basically you can only get str from gems so reforging crit on each piece of gear that doesn't come with it is ideal. Then if you need to reforge to get to expertise cap by using haste or mastery then that's fine. Beyond that once you have some more ideal gear going over the hit cap of 8% is good assuming you can't stack more crit. It's not a huge thing but alot of warriors are gemming str/hit in blue sockets in which the bonus is +10 str or +20 str. Let me help you with the rotation...

    Your basic rotation is CS>BT>slam on proc>RB. Heroic Strike should only be used if you have +65 rage (your SMF). Over use of HS will kill your dps. Try to never miss a BT cooldown. When you are planning to use recklessness, death wish, and your orc racial wait until a CS is almost avail, pop them all and then CS. Save them for lust if possible or pop them somewhat early in the fight so that you can re-use them all one or two more times.

    Best of Luck


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