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Thread: Fury warrior 4.2 pvp guide for Bg's

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    Fury warrior 4.2 pvp guide for Bg's

    Hello fellow tankspotters. I'm making a guide for fury warriors who enjoy pvp. You will find basic information here such as spec ideas, gemming, enchanting, and basic strategies against certain classes. I would like to state that I find arms to be the better arena spec and if you are interested in a guide for that simply google "youtube swifty warrior pvp". For BG's fury is very viable in my opinion especially considering that you may have 2 higher level non pvp weapons until you have earned enough conquest in Season 10 to obtain a high level 2 handed resilience weapon.

    Ok here's the guide!

    Overall always play to your strengths
    Warriors are mobile, annoying, and hard to kill. Your job is to survive, interrupt/stun(annoy), and do some serious burst damage to the person who deserves it most! You can lock down a healer and basically ruin their day, carry a flag, or defend a base very well.

    -A side note on resilience. You want between 3500-4000k resilience, the more the better. You can grind honor to get season 10 gear. The two bosses in BH also drop pvp gear. If you are in full season 10 honor gear you will have around 3700 resilience.


    This is the current talent tree and glyphs that I use. I'm single minded fury purely for the fact that I currently have 2 Obsidium Cleavers (one handed level 378 weapons). I highly recommend you go either TG or SMF based on your weapons available.

    For the Glyphs:
    Prime glyphs have only 3 viable options-Bloodthirst, Slam, Raging Blow
    Major glyphs-Intercept, Piercing Howl, Long Charge, and glyph of death wish (survivability) are the best 4 options
    Minor glyphs-Glyph of bloody healing is a must. I like blood rage and battleshout for the other two slots.

    There can be some easy arguments made for some variations in the spec above. I find that certain things in the talent tree are a must while others are a waste of points for pvp. The following are a total waste for pvp:

    Battle Trance-I can't say it's completely useless but those 3 points are better used elsewhere
    Executioner-You won't ever get the ramp up time needed to make this usefull
    Meat Cleaver-In Bg's cleave and whirwind aren't useful

    Talent Points I find extremely useful (that aren't totally obvious)
    Piercing howl-This is your slow. Talk about annoying. I try and refresh it every 6-8 seconds on a target I'm destroying.
    Heroic Fury-When you can intercept, intercept (again), and heroic leap. People will flat out hate you. Especially hunters.
    Die by the Sword-This is a very nice survivability talent against melee. Hopefully it gives time for someone to heal you.
    Furious Attacks-Ok yeah this might be obvious, mortal strike for fury warriors. Did you notice its activated by melee attacks? hmm....see below under "stat weights"
    Skirmisher-They should rename this "death to hunters"
    Deep wounds-Especially effective against melee.

    In the arms tree I do like the talent second wind. It's a toss up between that and 2 points in incite from the prot tree. I tend to find that I like the additional burst damage from an incite proc versus the added survivability. If you have more than 3700 Resil I think incite is better.

    If you already play fury for PVE then you know the rotation...CS>BT>slam(proc's only)>RB...Heroic strike as a rage dump and execute spam when you can.

    For stat weights you want 15 Expertise and 8% hit(including precision). Technically you only need 5% hit but I find that without the extra hit you can get rage starved. Also it's your melee hits that trigger the mortal strike effect from the Furious Attacks talent.
    After that you want to stack STR>CRIT>haste=mastery. You can't reforge for strength so it will come through better gear and gems only. You should always purchase pvp gear with crit and reforge any haste or mastery not needed for expertise or hit caps. If those caps are reached always reforge to crit. Aim for 15-20% crit unbuffed.

    GEMS and Enchanting
    It's very simple for pvp gemming:

    Meta=Strength (get it?!)

    Enchanting is almost exactly the same as PVE with four exceptions. Your head and shoulder enchants come from the honor vendor and increase resilience. Enchant your chest with +40 resilience. Enchant your boots with the inexpensive Earthen Vitality enchant (run speed and +30 stamina).

    Macros and keybinds
    Having a shield wall macro is an absolute must. If you can keybind it for fast use it's even better. When you are getting focused down by more than one DPS surviving is the most important thing, dying is not an option. A very simple version of this macro is...

    /equipslot 16 (insert name of one handed tank or dps weapon here)
    /equipslot 17 (insert name of shield)-Don't include these parenthesis in your macro!
    /cast shield wall

    I actually put this macro side by side with another macro to swap back the weapons. something like this...

    /equipslot 16 Obsidium Cleaver
    /equipslot 17 Lava Spine

    There are many ways to do this. I'm not going to get in depth with macros but a shield wall macro is an absolute must.

    The other macro which is a must have is a "Nuke" macro. I use this:

    /cast Recklessness
    /cast Deathwish
    /cast Bloodfury (I'm an orc)
    /use 14 (this is your bottom trinket slot)

    When you have someone all lined up and ready to die. just NUKE em. I often use Intimidating shout just prior to Nuke. Healers and Flag carriers are prime targets to nuke.

    -Don't forget to use pummel. Not only does it increase your dps through talents but it's a vital tool to stop healing spells and CC's.
    -If you find that you are getting killed often then chances are you are soloing too much. Always attack a base with at least two others and hopefully a healer.
    -If you can find a healer then hug them and stay with them. They will be your best friend on the battlefield. Warriors are tough as nails and we are that much more annoying when we are getting healed. If your healer is getting nailed use intimidating shout to get people away from the healer. Also if a hunter is focused on your healer focus on them. They are stupid easy targets for fury pvpr's.
    -Frost Mages suck. I know that's not really advice but they are just flat out a toon made to kill warriors. Hopefully you wind up facing them in a group(not solo) and they don't have 4k resilience. They are not unbeatable but they will limit your mobility making them hard targets to hit. If you see a mage mirror image either get out of their LOS, use intimidating shout, or use your shield wall macro. IF you can pin a mage down use intimidating shout then your Nuke macro. Check out swifty on youtube for more on mages vs. warriors.
    -Rogues can be a problem sometimes as they force you to use more tools and less mashing. Learn to effectively use Retaliation, Disarm (a good D stance macro), Intimidating shout, and enraged regeneration. All of these are necessary against rogues.
    -Speaking of enraged regenration...I find that using it when you are down to 80% health is ideal. If you pop it at 50% health it might be too late to survive.
    -If you get into a one on one fight with a plate melee you can use demo shout,thunderclap, and sunder armor in addition to the tools I mentioned to use against rogues to help win.

    I will be updating this periodically to be more in depth. Please comment below if you have anything to add.

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    You need a spellreflect macro as well.

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    I actually think I should have made 20 expertise the cap instead of 15. On another note I now have a 378 2 hander and have switched to arms. If you want to mash buttons and do Bg's only and not arena fury is very viable. When playing arms I have found that it's more complicated but ultimately better. Getting 5% more damage reduction because you are in battle stance is great for arena. Throwdown and using bladestorm to break cc's gives you more control.

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    Im not too sure on Fury for PVP anymore, SMF requires way more hit as I've found 8% hit lacking. Either that or just be extremely good at pooling rage lol

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    Any reason for 15 or 20 expertise? It looks like you pulled those numbers randomly out of your hat. Statwise you should give mastery a try, at least TG specced you can get some real nifty bursts, even Swifty had some fun in a recent video with a high mastery build.

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    Probably 15 expertise for dodge and 20 expertise for parry but i'd fo 20 just to be pvp capped

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    Thanks for the guide, one of the reasons I am hesitant to try fury in pvp is having to change stance to spell reflect. Seems really limiting when you are wanting to spell reflect ~ every 25sec vs so many things.

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    Once the cooldown on spell reflect was changed it isn't as useful in my opinion. Having a macro to equip a shield and cast shield wall is needed. I try and interrupt spells instead of reflecting them. On the stat weight comment regarding mastery...I do think it's viable for huge bursts every 5 minutes. Crit is better for sustained damage as of now anyway.
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