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Thread: Bears seem so much spikey in terms of damage intake, or am I geared wrong?

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    Bears seem so much spikey in terms of damage intake, or am I geared wrong?


    For some reason my bear seems to take a lot more spikey damage than my pally does. I think it may just be the class since I'm taking near constant damage, but it's nearly all blocked damage (pally is at 98% ctc). Am I right to assume this or have I just done something horribly wrong on my bear? I really need to figure this out before tonight as I'm set to main tank Firelands. The healers all said I was fine to do it and they'd rather me tank instead of dps (which I really want to dps, but I always seem to get roped into tanking something -_-).

    Also, bears only have frenzied regeneration, barkskin, and survival instincts correct? Or am I missing a cooldown? And I know I have no shoulder enchant and pvp hands. I'll have that fixed while on my deepholm questing/daily spree to get therzane and get my 2pT11 before tonight.

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    Of course you're more spikey, a paladin block 30% of the incoming damage. Druids may have a dodgestreak or not, running around with 40%+ avoidance leads to this scenario all the time. Last night i tanked Beth'tilac on my druid for about a minute without a healer, just dodging almost everything. Another try i dodged nothing and the healer couldn't bring me back up.

    PvP hands are slightly better then T11 due to higher armor/agility and the bad itemisation with haste/hit imho.

    survival instincts
    frenzied regen (glyphed! 30% more healing taken is huge)
    tranq (while not tanking)
    stampeding roar to the some space between you and the mobs
    bash (works on all the trash and some bossfights as well)

    Sadly Innervate isn't worth the globals any longer with 5% of the target's mana, you might be better off killing the mobs 2 seconds faster.

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    I was thinking frenzied regen w/o the glyph would be better since I wouldn't be relying on the healer as much in a situation where I might be using it in the first place.

    I'm at like 39% avoidance in bear form and 144k ubuffed hp, which I think is kinda low but meh. I guess I'm just to used to pally tanking and not bears. But you think my gear should be enough for FL?

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    I have 41% avoidance but 200K health for hard modes.

    For normal modes I had 41% avoidance but 170K (stam trinket vs agi trinket and I tanked in DPS gear without dodge reforges so avoidance balances out with less hp but way more ap and crit)

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    Bryce, you're not hallucinating. Full CTC on block tanks (easiest on Paladins) is a huge issue for tank balance, even though Blizzard has decided that it isn't. So yeah, Druids will be spikier than block tanks, especially ones with really high combat table coverage.

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    A lot of it depends on the fight. All of that dodge you have does nothing for spell damage, and nowadays everything is a combination of heavy spell damage plus melee. The dodge goes a long way to knocking out the incoming melee damage, but I'd go with a 2% spell damage reduction meta in your hat instead of the 54 agi + crit, imho.

    Primary cooldowns I use are Barkskin, Survival Instincts, and Frenzied Regen, in that order of priority. On trash mobs, Nature's Grasp is also a good situational defense -- if they can't touch you, they can't hit you -- works really well on the Nefarian skellies, for example. I also recommend picking up the Mirror of Broken Images if you don't already have it -- it mitigates spell damage once every minute for 10 seconds, and makes a lot of the timeable incoming spell damage a lot more manageable.

    You also might want to try and up your crit a little bit more -- you'll get more Savage Defense procs out of it, which helps smooth out your damage from melee (sigh) when you do get hit. The latest patch made it a lot more useful to have, and the healers are noticing I have a lot more absorbs these days...


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