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Thread: Pala tanking

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    The INQ tip has really helped me on mobs both on holding aggro and maintaining a consistent DPS. I always used to go for the shield bash)

    One thing im really having problems with right now is survivability in heroics. I know it stems from a couple of things mainly that my damage mitigation (block aprox 56% dodge 14.6% parry 15%) is stacked for main tank raiding on boss's and not the typical stam/mastery. The other is my cool downs. This has been pointed out by our raid leader who is a former pally tank. Bottom line is where do i draw the line as far as gem/reforge for stam vs. mitigation for heroics and maintaining the success im having on boss tanking in raids as well as any general tips for defense cooldowns?
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    TBH gemming either way will not really make you take tons more damage. I just use stamina/mastery or stamina/parry (or parry/mastery). There is nothing in any 5man that warrants saving a cooldown for longer than a minute, so just use them whenever you feel like you might need one.

    By the way, this topic would have been better suited to the HALP forum or the Gear and Enchanting forum. The Theory+Mechs one is more for number crunching and headaches Posting a thread in the right forum saves the Mods a lot of work.

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