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Thread: Fun warrior tricks/ideas for warriors

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    Fun warrior tricks/ideas for warriors

    There are plenty of threads on spec, gems, gear, etc...I thought it would be fun to get beyond that and share some either advanced or just plain cool ideas outside of general knowledge.

    The way I prevent falling damage is to target an enemy first(or any creature you can attack), jump and use a shout for rage on the way down, then charge/intercept before hitting the ground. Awesome trick for pvp when attacking mines.

    For pve damage I often use a shout and inner rage prior to CS in order to easily get off 2 heroic strikes, a BT, and something else (RB or slam proc) during the 6 second CS window.

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    Another trick for falling is to use Heroic Leap, aim where you want to land and click it right before landing.

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    If you don't get the dreaded 'no path available'

    Intercept is awesome.... if you get thrown back far enough.


    One thing I loved to do to BoT caster trash when tanking is basically stunlock it (usually towards the end of a pull when there's just one mender around.

    Pummel -> Concussion blow when unstunned -> SW when unstunned -> pummel -> run to distance and charge when unstunned -> run to distance and intercept when unstunned -> pummel

    Even without gag order warriors kick ass on caster mobs.


    Timing IR and Battleshout on certain pulse AoE fights is win, like Chimerion's Massacre - IR + Shout, ragestarve yourself quickly, then massacre hits and you're back at 100 rage - if you pop Shout/IR with massacre about 4 seconds away, I usually didn't miss a beat in my rotation and was able to work 4 HS in a row in. You have to know the fight and know when the pulses are coming, but if you can time it right, you win big.
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    You can break a charge/intercept/intervene/heroic leap with a charge/intercept/intervene/heroic leap, for great fun on the pulls, and a smidgen more threat, you charge,then intercept then heroic leap onto the boss before the GCD of your prepull battle shout finishes. A;sp great fun on bosses that you want to move quickly, such as only since you charge her and before you even hit the ground can be leaping to the edge of the pit.

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    You can pull non-caster ranged mobs that don't come along with a group pull by:

    Shockwave your current group so they stay put
    Charge/intercept the ranged mob and Disarm them (taunt if necessary)
    Intervene one of your party that's near the original pack
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    I have gagorder on my guy, i've macro'd taunt and heroic throw. I find it very useful on ranged casters or when ranged pull a mob and its halfway to him. Its frusterating when u taunt a mob and then it turns right back around because your ranged gets tunneled focus on a mob and its a little 2 far away and your charge is still on CD.

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    This one is very basic; in PvP when fighting other melee classes (ideally 1v1) Heroic Leap away and immediately Intercept back into combat whenever these abilities are off CD to take advantage of the stun from intercept, particularly if you have Intercept glyphed for longer stun duration.

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    More heroic leap fun:

    Theres lots of things you can jump through and over using heroic leap that includes but is not limited to:

    Al'Akir's Squall Line (So much easier for warriors to tank this boss imo between that and charge)
    Ragnaro's Engulfing Flames and Magma Traps
    Shannox's Traps (Great for placement if you are tanking riplimb)
    Brushfire and the Worm Flame Throwers in Alysrazor
    Majordomo's Fire Circles

    The list goes on. Its incredibly useful as a tank and dps in some of these fights, Cho'gall for example once again as a tank where you can place all the pools right on top of each other by heroic leaping over them to place the mobs.

    You can also use heroic leap in many cases if you get knocked off a platform to get back on if you're really quick.

    One thing that really pisses me off is we can't Shield Wall and remove our shields. We're one of very very few DPS specs that do not have some form of damage reduction cooldown.
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