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Thread: Comeback!

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    Finally found a good raiding guild again, they even take me without any gear yet, pays to be well known on the server (instant queue for the next week to farm whats needed)

    Been off raiding for almost 5 months now and im missing a few things from searching. Bit tired after 2 hours of surfing.

    IŽd need a little help with a prot warr.

    Mastery? Last time i checked it was not set in stone that its better than dodge/parry.
    Hit? checked with a friend and he said i should get some hit. never really cared in ICC, had like 2%, just kept exp caped at 26.
    still going for socket bonus with mixed gems if its stamina?

    and where the hell is that thread i used to know inside out last year :/

    will search again tomorrow but i would appreciate any help or link that covers most of it.
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    Matery is you No. stat once you stary getting some, since it has increasing returns until you unhittable, and Parry and dodge both have DR. We don't care about hit nor expertise, with a proper rotation and DPS who know how to play, threats not an issue. Generally it's a good idea to pick up Bonuses if its Mastery, avoidance or stam.

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    The simplified version:

    Meta = Eternal (block)

    Gemming is either mastery centric or stam centric depending on if you have 'enough' health to survive (25m you may need more HP than 10m). If you're tanking 25m in heroics (including troll) gear, it's going to be a tossup, but probably mastery centric since every fight seems to be a bigger damage role and smaller - that I've seen so far at least.

    Mastery: yellow = 40 mastery, blue = 20 mastery/30 stam, red = 20 mastery/20 parry, DPS/prismatic = 40 mastery
    Stam: yellow = 20 mastery/30 stam, blue = 60 stam, red = 20 parry/30 stam, DPS/Prismatic = 60 stam

    Max threat is: SS > Dev > Dev > (other with CB > SW > HT > Rend) with HS as much as possible.

    Unless needed for a specific mechanic, SB is a great TPS mechanic as it increases rage (more blocks + Heavy repurcussions). Deep Wounds is only behind Heavy Repurcussions in terms of threat talents. DW > Cruetly.

    Gear: Mastery / (dodge/parry) > Mastery/(hit/Exp) if there's lots of mastery > Dodge/parry.

    Threat stats aren't needed. Just like wrath, Exp = 2x hit, but their both the least effective way to build threat.

    Retaliation and Reckless are now usable in defensive stance - use carefully as they'll lock you out of Shield Wall for their duration (so if you pop reck or retaliation, you're lock from using the other or shield wall until it expires)

    Shield Mastery talent now gives you 7/14/20% damage reduction for 6 seconds when you hit SB.


    Mirror of Broken Images is just awesome sauce (TB, 125 commendations)

    Rend + Blood and Thunder + focus fire skull is awesome sauce

    I'm tired, I feel like I'm forgetting something huge... Oh yeah - Parry should be above dodge based on how much mastery you have (low mastery, keep them fairly even, 2400 mastery, Koji did the work and parry > dodge by 800 would optimalish - but that was pre 4.2 agility change (agility no longer gives dodge rating in a funky way, it's jsut 5% base dodge now, no modifer from agility, for plate tanks).
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