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Thread: Am I Burnt-Out?

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    Am I Burnt-Out?

    If this belongs anywhere else plz move or just delete it. (also this is my first time posting)

    The new grind for emblems to open new and exciting places, Is Blizzard asking to much of us?

    I have 4 lvl 85 toons. And I am really losing interest in even playing the game anymore..

    Have I burnt myself out?

    I'm not sure where I want this thread to end up..(in the trash maybe).

    Or could I just be asking for help.

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    Why not take a break. If you don't play again...o well.

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    Am I Burnt-Out?

    I think I can relate to an extent...

    After suffering through 2 sets of dailes (on a pvp server where it's generally 5-1 in favor of the opposing faction for 450+ marks for a tank trinket/mount/dps trinket from TB and now 300 for the Molten Front of which I have yet to uncover the purpose for...

    Then tanking/farming for VP badges the same random instances that fully geared my warrior in both his T11 dps and tanking sets to once again refit my warrior for the new T12 in some "seriously" bad pugs (my fiancee and pocket healer can't be there all the time ./cry) and cringing when I find the guy with the anvil, then opening up his shop to see my repair bills, selling my junk off to only to come out on the bottom... Well it all adds up...

    I had a thought today as I was paying the repair man to hammer out the dents in my armor that begs the question:
    If my warrior is so bad ass that I can craft some really killer epic gear... Why can't I hammer out a dent in my own armor/shield for no cost?

    Silly I know, but right then I died a little bit inside.

    After I cried a bit I attempted dailies on my third alt who now uses focus that I will likely probably never figure out or understand. At least its on a pve server.

    It is what it is. And somehow I keep coming back.

    Thanks Tankspot for allowing me to share.

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    It's ok to lose interest. Take a break from it for a bit, and if you decide you don't want it anymore well that's $15 a month you can keep in your pocket. Welcome to the club!

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    The games broke. They shortchanged this expansion and tried to cater to too many people and for lack of abetter word its broke. I too have several 85's and when I discovered I needed to do the dumbass hyjal chains on all of them to simply be eligible for the fl dailies im floored. The lure of wow was it.s vastness. Cataclysm gave us no choice in zones to quest in and very few instances. And it's simply become a game of do overs. Not to sound like an elitist jerk but throwing bears from a tree in my 360 tankset is beneath me. The biggest change to gameplay was getting rid of all the marks and emblems consolidating gear to 2specific vendors and giving us rep tabards for factions so we didn't have to do dailies to reach exalted. Then in one fell swoop blizz goes right back to BC marks bullshit. Then peole wanna Qq about why tanks don't do randoms .......well im busy doing dailies ty very much.

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