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Thread: How to tank as Pally

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    How to tank as Pally

    I just made a paladin recently, its already level 20, but I have no idea how to tank. The dungeon ques are really long, and I would like to get into dungeons faster with tanking. Is there any tips for a low level pally to tank, and exactly, how I should spec Prot, I would love to hear them.

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    In terms of talents, you don't have a lot of choice nowadays: you have to pick prot talents and I would aim to get to the end of the prot tree as quickly as possible. Ones to skip are eternal glory and improved hammer of justice. At 85, I also skipped Hallowed Ground and one point in reckoning, but you might want HG for leveling as it helps in 5 mans a lot.

    The two priorities of tanking are (a) getting aggro and (b) not dying. Your gear and level, relative to that of what you are tanking, will affect these enormously. Always try to get the best gear you can - heirlooms help immensely at low levels (many dps will have heirloom weapons and you may struggle with aggro if you don't). Before heirlooms, a weapon was the one thing I used to buy from the AH to stop mine getting obsolete. You want the heaviest, highest level armour you can wear with lots of strength and stamina. You'll have an easier ride if you wait to tank instances when you are on the top end of their level range.

    As you level up, you will gain extra abilities that will make tanking both easier and more complex. Early on, you lack many tools and sojust be aggressive and work to keep all the mobs on you, and off your party. Every level, check if you have a new ability and think how it can help you tank. Some to look out for are consecration, hammer of righteous, seal of truth and shield of righteousness. While leveling, the consequences of losing aggro are not that severe: dps can normally take a few hits and kill things quick. Be protective of your healer tho - you need him. Hand of reckoning (our taunt) is an invaluable crutch, as is righteous defence.

    Tanking is great fun but there is a lot to learn. Not only the mechanics of our abilities (which to be honest, are not that complex even at L85) but also of the specific fights. I like to read up on each dungeon and each boss, to learn the right tactics. It's not generally required while leveling as Blizzard tends to nerf old content, but it will make the experience go more smoothly and can be interesting.
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    Vanilla BC or Tlk content....equip shield actvate righteous fury and go. First couple pulls watch your health and healers mana and that sets your tempo. The content has been nerfed that bad.

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