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Thread: Back to the basics

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    Back to the basics

    First off, is there a way to post fr the iPhone app tapatalk I'm not seeing?But now the meat. I have my gear down to a respectable spot and I'm comforatable with my rotation/aggro. Where I'm having trouble is movement and debuffs. I leveled just using arrows took a year off and when i started playing cata about a month ago I forced myself to learn the mouse. I'm comfortable with it but it seems like it's just not enough. I cant seem to gtfo quickly enough. Is there some way to put straifing on the mouse controls or do I just need to go back and forth, mouse to keyboard?Finally, I have a friend I run with that is a mags and far better a player than I. He's always warning me in team speak I have x buff or debuff. But I have so many things going on I can never tell what's what. Is there an addon or something in the default ui that will let me filter out the things I don't need to worry about and highlight the ones I do?

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    For Straeffing, or how ever you spell it, I use my right mouse bottun and "A" key for left and "D" key for right. Some people just re-bind A and D to straeffe left and right then you don't have to click your mouse button. You need to practice this a lot to get the hang of it, just start straeffing every where you go, running sideways every chance you get because when tanking it's an absolute must. You should be using WASD keys for helping you to move, not your arrow keys imho. Then you can bind spells and other things to your shift + whatever keys you use, if you are clicking your spells you should start now un-learning that and start pressing your keys.

    For debuffs there are several good ways to get the information needed, I don't really have no complicated filters I just use my unit frames to display my debuffs. I use Power Auras to display them as well in my upper left hand corner and much bigger than my unit frame displays them but I like my debuffs right in front of me. You should download an addon called Pitbull or Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF), either one do very well and you can customize them and place them below your feet which is where tanks unit frames should be, center screen below your feet.

    Go to http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/cat143.html and check out this UI from Towelleei, he has a good set up to build from. The best thing for you to do would be to download and install his complete UI but make sure you understand how to do it first and how to back up your Interface and WTF folders by copying them into another folder. This UI is basically set up and ready to go for tanks with little configuration needed after install. You need to have common knowledge of SUF and VuhDo to tweak them some but compared to what you have not doing anything to it would be better than than the basic UI. He also has a couple of videos to watch that has good information on how to install it and use it. Just google Towelleei's UI and you should find them, part 1 and part 2.

    One more thing about debuffs, make sure and read what bosses can do to understand what it is you are looking for before hand, you need to know what it is you are dealing with so you can taunt or pop CD's to stay alive.
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    Yes you can post from tapatalk, at least you used to. The forums under went a major reformat recently and its possible support for it may have been lost. I do not use this app personally so I can not speak much to its use.

    The mouse is primarily for steering because it is the most efficient way of controling the camera angle or the direction your character is facing. The actual movement is typically still done through keybinds. Granted you could experiment with keybinding strafing to your extra mouse buttons, its really a matter of training yourself to use whatever keybindings you decide on. You can define these keybinds in your keybinding menu. Many tanks however will use the keyboard keybinds for movement other than the quick turning of the mouse.

    The only debuff filter the base UI supports is filtering based on what you can dispel. Any advanced filtering would need to be done with an addon. However there is no generic filter that for things you care about and things you don't. You need to define such a distinction on a per debuff basis. Bottom line is you need to learn what debuffs mobs apply and which ones concern you so you can identify them quickly and react appropriately. Many times when a boss applies a debuff it's a matter of you want to get rid of that debuff as quickly as possible which may involve tank swaping as the debuff (stacks) fall off or some other mechanic which allows the debuff to expire. There are other cases when the debuff is actually something you want because some debuffs apply positive effects (the nature of a debuff is simply that you don't have the option of simply turning it off, the effect could be positive or negative). Your problem with debuffs however isn't related to their filtering but how they are displayed. You want a different display format so you can determine this information easier such as a custom buff monitor where you can place debuffs in the middle of your screen.
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    you can keybind Strafe to any keys you like, i use the mousewheel tilts myselgf; Game menu >keybinds

    I use Power Auras Classic for my Debuff managment, it takes a while to build your own, and you can generally download premade aura's if you don't want to have that hassle, but it's not that hard and is pretty straight forward if you're not afraid to experiment.

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