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Thread: Importance of the guild master raid leading

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    Importance of the guild master raid leading

    Hi I'm planning on starting a guild but I'm curious to hear some opinions on the importance of a guild master also being a raid leader. Does it matter? The reason I'm asking is because I'm good with the behind the scenes aspects of running a guild (I've done it once before) but I'd rather not be a raid leader.

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    In my experience it is a lot less stress for the Gm to not be the RL and vise versa. That said, if you don't want to be RL find someone that can do the job well. You as the GM and the RL will need to be able to communicate effectively to drive the guild forward to where you want to guild to go.

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    Pretty much what uglie has said. In my guild I am the RL and the GM just does her job. We simply discuss things about the raid before, during and prior to so that we are on the same page. But she leaves a lot of the decisions and research up to me unless there is an issue that I have forgotten about lol. Just make sure you get the right person for the job and that you two can communicate well as was previously stated by uglie. After all the talk to simplify your question, no it does not matter some GM's do it some don't.

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    It depends on your circumstances. If your forming a guild with some friends and one of them has a decent grasp of raid encounters it might be a good idea to ask them if they'd be willing to take that responsibility. Generally establishing these sort of things at the beginning, (like guild rules), works much better then trying to badger someone later to do it. Everyone knows the score when they join from the getgo.

    However if your not in that position and your looking to bring someone in I'd advise caution. It's never a good idea to bring in an unknown player to take on that large a responsibility, you can't be sure if their trustworthy for a start. I was in this position and saw a well established casual raiding guild get destroyed in the space of two months because of the new raid leader.

    If your the later then you may have to lead the raids for a while until maybe someone establishes themselves, at least that way you can gauge if their trustworthy or not. Also on the flip side of my first point it's not uncommon for guilds to grow and so others then take on more responsibility. Noone says you absolutely need to have officers with clearly defined roles from the beginning.

    Best of luck with you GMing whatever you decide

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    My guild was built around My brother, a couple of real life friends, and myself. I kinda fell into the guild leader slot, and the actual raid leader slot. I enjoy doing both, but I am also surrounded by people I trust. These people are able to keep me reigned in if I start getting too far off course, and they let me know when I need to address certain guild related issues, and I also trust these guys enough to do what they think is right in my absence and I back their decisions 100%, if it is something I disagress with we address it privately and then move on.

    With all that said, being guild and raid leader is a lot of extra work. Is it necessary to have one person doing both jobs? No. But if you do have separate people doing each job, there has to be a very high level of trust and professionalism between them for it to work out. In either position you will not be right 100% of the time, and having someone who can call you out on it, helps everyone involved.

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