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Thread: DK tanking issue

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    DK tanking issue

    Hello all,
    I've recently started playing WoW again with a friend of mine. He wanted to tank so he rolled a DK, he's new to tanking but hes been reading up on forums about how to spec/glyph and priorities and things of that sort.

    I am a pally healer and I happened to get geared up a bit faster than he did so I started running some ZA/ZGs when I hit 349 ilvl. I was actually surprised at how easy they were to heal in my gear. I have since gotten even better gear and my DK friend has gotten to a point where he can queue for those instances now as well.

    The problem now is that he seems to just get destroyed when tanking compared to the tanks I've healed up to this point. I understand that his gear isn't as good as there's but it's almost like going from a bear form druid to a mage in how hard he's getting hit.

    The main problem areas seem to be the bear trash and the lynx trash, granted they aren't the only place he gets owned but they are the worst. For example, on the cat trash I had to spam flash of light and he STILL died. He got hit for about 15-20k by every cat on every swing. After he died the druid dps in our group tanked the next pull and i was overhealing him only spamming holy light.

    I know he at least has a basic knowledge of what he is supposed to do because his DS count seems high and I have a mod that tracks his cooldowns... I just feel like he is getting hit way to hard and there has to be something that he isn't doing.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...shafteh/simple

    Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    is he keeping his diseases up? they're how Blood Tanks apply their physical damage reduction and Melee slow to their targets? I can't reallt see much wrong with his spec, it looks to my untrained eye like a big standed Lichborne spec, though if he's not making use of its Deathcoil helaing he probably should try a non lichborne spec.

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    rotating cd's is going to be very important. especially vb and bone shield.
    Though it does seem as if he is reforging off mastery into avoidance which he should be doing the opposite and reforging hit/exp to mastery, then if the item has dodge and parry, reforge the parry to mastery since he'll be having more parry rating than dodge more than likely.
    Fishing getting the rest of his 346 gear from reg heroics would also help. The armor trinket is pretty lack-luster and would be better off replaced with the crab from throne of the tides with the dodge reforged to mastery, or the jc stam trinket or the stam trinket from stonecore.

    Personally I have found healing a well geared/played dk honestly boring, and as a dk tank have seen healers dpsing on the trash pulls before and on the bear boss in za.

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