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Thread: warrior tanking?

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    warrior tanking?

    Ive been doin fine for a long time adapting and learning new tricks and tips on my prot warrior. But since this patch my threat lvl in 5 mans has been down pretty bad idk what could be causing it besides dps with higher gear not caring about threat, but even frost dks in 346 are getting a hold of me. Would yall mind taking a look at my armoury and giving some advise thanks

    grothia _ vek' nilash

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    Drop Blood Craze, drop Gag Order, pickup Deep Wound, Polish off Shield specialization. Blood craze sucks unless you start running without healers, Gag order is nice, but not a necessity, it's a crutch.

    What's you pull Rotation? what's your cruising rotation? what perceantage of your single target damage is Heroic Strike

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