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Thread: Legendary: Episode 34 - Nerf PSU's

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    Legendary: Episode 34 - Nerf PSU's

    (Looking for encounter guides? Be sure to watch our Movies section while the front page is moving so quickly!)

    On today's LEGENDARY:
    • 4.2 Released! Our Experiences So Far
    • WoW Going Free-To-Play?
    • DPS Q&A
    • EXPLOSIONS! No, really.

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    Ohay, I hear you like asplosions in your asplosions so we gave you MOAR asplosions!

    Well timed!

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    It is interesting how they decided to implement a lot of trash, seems to be there answer to counter the inclusion of only 7 bosses for the tier to make the actual raid last longer.

    Despite the QQ cries I doubt Blizzard will nerf the amount of trash until most people are well into the content and it's longevity becomes irrelevant. You also make a great point on how the lack of trash really does mess with the overall feeling of the raid's atmosphere. As opposed to storming through Blackwing Descent's defense it really does feel like Neferian neglected to fortify his fortress for the day lol.

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    Alright, I'm a geek. What brand of power supply was that?

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