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Thread: Getting the most out of logs?

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    Getting the most out of logs?

    I co-GM and raid lead for a 2-month-old 2/13 guild. We originally started using WoL for a lot of our raids at the start, but stopped later on.

    We basically stopped because everything we were getting out of the logs later at the end of the night we could get in-game at the moment. Recount supports death logs. Our healers could tell us when a certain phase was higher overall damage taken across the raid or when a tank was getting beat on harder than normal. We could tell if a healer or DPS was doing more or less on any given fight just looking at normal. We could see any missed interrupts immediately in the attempt since interruptable things were usually very obvious when you missed, and we could tell who was interrupting the most looking at recount. Every time we wiped, we knew what we wiped to.

    It seems like there's a LOT more we should be able to get out of using WoL than what we have been getting out of it. When you guys (the more exprienced raiders/leaders) look at a log, what are you looking for and how are you getting information out of it?

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    If you know why you wiped everytime you wiped, then the logs are there mostly for epeen. Alot of the time in a 10 man raid you won't need it as its not too hard for everyone to track whats going on with every other raider. In 25s i found it alot more useful, especially for calling out poor play: enhancement shammie you're doing less Damage to the orange green ooze than the third tank is on this log, asplain plox? its alot eaier to call somome out if you got the stats catching them in the act.

    I find seeing Debuff/buff uptimes is also a lot easier to check via logs than recount. sure its easy to tell when Cho's got 4 stacks of Worship, but its pretty tough to find out if the tanks popping CDs or if the tanking debuffs have fallen off.

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