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Thread: New-ish spec/gear site for newbies could use a hand!

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    New-ish spec/gear site for newbies could use a hand!


    This is a fairly recent site, and despite a little bit off poor flow on its navigation I have been trying to endorse it as far as a Newb guide rather than EJ. For a less-experienced player the clearly presented information would go further to give them a viable start over pages of tangled equations and theorycraft (That type of learning comes with time.)

    Unfortunately, a good bit of the infromation on the site could use slight adjustments to be more optimal. Luckily the author has included 'contribute" buttons on nearly every page and is very quick and grateful for pointers.

    I'm asking our more experienced vets to lend a hand toward our next generation of players, at least those un-casual enough to do any outside research.

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    Nice site. I'll check it out a bit more over this weekend.

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