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Thread: arms warrior pvp 4.2

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    arms warrior pvp 4.2


    is this guide pretty much up to date with 4.2? just wonderin cuz i started pvping(finally,been waitin for juggernaught talent)with my warrior yesterday and i planned on pvping arms

    although from looking at that,since there making it so where you cant use recklessness and deadly calm at the same time in 4.2 i wonder if its better to macro recklessness instead of deadly calm with my bladestorm macro
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    You should never macro deadly calm with blade storm, pre or post patch. Recklessness + blade storm is good.

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    Thats a very good guide, and its pretty much up to date with 4.2 only the specific class duel section is obviously not updated as much, but thats not a big deal, since its still relevant . Not sure where you got the idea to use DC with Bladestorm, no one has ever said to do that.
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