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Thread: BFF Report - Duke Nukem Forever

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    BFF Report - Duke Nukem Forever

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    i effing loved duke nukem 3d. I played the hell out of it on the n64 with friends FOREVER.

    eduke looks so promising. duke nukem forever does not =(

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    The load times is a console problem btw, PC version they were fast (but just a bit too frequent, again probably thanks to the console version). It seems like the 3rd party (piranha?) that did the xbox port didn't do a great job of it: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/di...rever-face-off

    The story of Duke Nukem's resurrection in the wake of 3D Realms' demise in 2009 is remarkable in itself. In the wake of 3DR's implosion, eight developers began work piecing together the existing assets into something approaching an actual game. That outfit named themselves Triptych Games, who then relocated to the offices of Gearbox Software and worked with Randy Pitchford's team in finishing the game, farming out console duties to Piranha Games, previously credited with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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    Load times are less then 30 seconds on the PC version, not to mention the visual experience on the PC is far greater. You can see the differences between a game running DirectX 9 level graphics on the 360 and PS3 to the DirectX 10/11 graphics on the PC. The problem with the game is that it was consolized, as are most multiplatform shooters today. Being limited to carrying two guns and 4 bombs is something that was introduced in casual games like Halo, and is one of the reason why I hate those games. Not being able to expand the amount of ammo you can carry is another problem with Duke Nukem Forever, as well as many other shooters, you have to rely on changing guns and weapon drops in order to restock ammo half the time. To me this game is as much of a let down as Doom 3 was, however it's not as bad as many reviewers make it out to be.

    If you play it on the PC, your experiences will be much better for the most part, though the control layout drove me nuts at first because it's so clunky with a keyboard.

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    Q: How can I play multiplayer on the Internet or my LAN using EDuke32?
    A: Download and install YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) and follow YANG's installation instructions.
    Or if simple LAN play is only required you can launch Eduke32 with these command line arguments.
    HOST Computer: -server
    JOINING Computer: -connect # {Change the value of " # " to the hosts IP address)


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    What was at that end?? Can he seriously spank the babe lol?
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