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Thread: Hit 85 today trying to get into Tanking help :)

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    Hit 85 today trying to get into Tanking help :)

    I love wow and been playing around with classes and this expansion i found my niche, Each expansion my class i want to play changes in Vanilla it was mage, BC Hunter, WOTLK Hunter, and Cata DK, i'm very much enjoying being a blood dk. I tanked my way to 85 and just hit 85 and got into heroics today and unless I'm in a very good pug i get eaten alive.

    My off spec is frost. but maybe some aid in rotation or Marcos

    If your curious on my spec. I got my info from the following
    Would a video or a screen shot help?

    ~Thank you

    I love my guild it has some amazing people but should i leave it for a raiding guild because i really love this guild it's small it's nice friendly but i kinda wanna raid a bit the problem is there is only a total of

    8 Raiding guilds on our Faction in our server. We just got realm First Heroic Neth kill on the 15th of june (yes our server is low pop and low progression)

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    I would suggest you search for topics about DK tanking. It's been gone over a few times.

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    As Pruke said, there are many threads with similar information.


    Satorri's guide is a great place to start, while EJ focuses only on endgame content and should be read when you get a better handling on raiding. When the nerfs come out in 4.2 you should be able to find several pugs, even on your server, to run as a tank. This is where you will get your experience to one day maybe apply to a raiding guild, but build your resume first.
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    Best bet also is find 2-3 healers you know to q with and tell them to forget everyone else and just keep you alive.

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