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Thread: For the noob in all of us.

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    For the noob in all of us.

    If you could go back and get some advice from someone about World of Warcraft or if you could give advice to a newb, what would it be?

    This doesn't have to be someone flat out new to the game or from when you were new. It could just be the first time you tried tanking/healing/DPSing, rolling a certain class, or levling a certain profession maybe.

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    If I could go back and give myself one piece of advice .... it would have been ....


    but I am stubborn so I would have ignored myself in which case I would tell myself roll a warrior instead of a paladin at vanilla launch

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    Hey you're a A/B/C - try tankspot.com/femaledwarf.com/<insert other class/role websites> - they have some good information on how to improve your play because not everything in intitutive in WoW.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    Don't level your first toon in early BC as a protection warrior.

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    look up addons and get rid of the default ui before you get too accustomed to it to change easily. also just because your leveling a warrior alt to tank with when u hit 70 that doesnt mean you have to level to 70 exclusively as prot. and of course dont buy this game play runescape instead, its easier to stop

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    Start PvPing...it's easier to quit than Raiding, and not as time demanding.
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    My advice to "the noob" (particularly, if it were myself)?

    1) What are you thinking, rolling a warrior? Try Hunter, or Priest, you idiot! (personal preference disclaimer inserted here)
    2) Try to actually "talk" to others, instead of pretending you're the only person online, while questing/leveling.
    3) Join a guild early on...unless it's a totally bad one, this will be of help to your character, in so many ways!
    4) Get a good gaming rig, play around with addons, and buy a gaming keyboard and/or mouse!
    5) Do your own research online, look at fansites, and learn about your class...if possible, get another monitor, just for this purpose, to use while playing. Get so that you can answer questions from others, quickly and accurately--people will think you're awesome!
    6) Be accepting when help is offered, ask when you don't know, and never take out your own frustrations, on someone else, even if it seems they deserve it, at the time...

    Hey, I didn't say I could actually follow all this advice...it's just something to aspire to...
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    I like your question....here is my noob advise

    1. Never spend your gold on any enchants/gems/reforging while leveling.
    2. There are a few ways to get to 85 (pvp, dungeons, quests), only focus on that while leveling. Don't play around with side things.
    3. Tankspot, MMO champion, ELitist Jerks, ArenaJunkies, wow-heroes, stateofdps, maxdps, wowlogs, wowprogress, are all good resources about wow.
    4. Find a very patient player of your same class who is 85 and ask them questions.
    5. A good raider/pvp'r at the level cap learns the proper way to enchant/gem/reforge to maximize their character.
    6. At high levels of play a knowledge of macros, keybind, add-ons, and how to use vent are necessities.
    7. Some guilds are for leveling and others are for raiding. Raiding guilds can be very serious so be prepared.
    8. Keep up on current patch notes.
    9. Prior to a new expansion release know that every item you own is now crap. You will replace every slot so stop spending gold at that time fool!
    10. Play at your own pace. This game can be addictive. Don't let it ruin your real life.
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    "Hey vanilla retro Spiritus... I know you don't role female toons, and NEs are the tallest Alliance race, and having shadowmeld and starshards seems pretty cool... but a few years from now you will realize just how God awful the casting animations are and spend years after that chugging Noggenfogger... and being as stubborn as you are, you'll not race change (yes, they put that in the game) until the 3rd expansion. BTW, Shadowmeld never gets fixed in PvE and they get rid of Starshards. Roll human now while you're still level one and save yourself some agony."

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    i think noob means that , if somebady dont kown how to play ; never ask others how to play ; never face his mistake; never follow others advise ; hate to be treat as a newbie. So i'd like to help the newbie but i hate the noob.

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