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Thread: DK Heroic Raid Tank Questions

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    DK Heroic Raid Tank Questions

    A question on regular Cata raids vs. heroic Cata raids...

    I may be joining a guild does heroic raids. I've only done regular raids. Is there any stat reweighting anyone (by which I mean, a tank who does heroic raids regularly) can recommend? Or should I regem anything?
    I figure I'd better find this all out before I go into a heroic raid. One thing I'm unsure of is...in a regular raid, a hit rating of 0% seemed fine. Should I try to get at least some hit for heroic raids? I don't wanna have threat issues. So, what would you say is a decent hit rating?


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    If you worry about threat you want to up expertise not hit. You're already sitting at comfortable 21 expertise and you happen to be a DK (runestrike.. lol!) so threat should never be a problem unless the fight mechanic dictates it.

    Everything gemmed for stamina while starting heroics is perfectly fine, you can swap those gems later on when you got some 372 upgrades. Right now you got a lot of diffent gems, i'd go with:
    prismatic = 101 sta
    gem for color, blue = 60 sta, yellow = mastery/sta and red = parry/sta

    You can even think about stoneskin gargoyle instead of swordshattering, 4% more armor and 2% more stamina are neat for heroic raids.

    But why +20 stats on chest? Come 4.2 you won't even get dodge out of agility, leaving you with 20ish strength + 20 sta. I'd go with 75 stamina here.
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    Your armory link seems wrong, I assume this is you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rtane/advanced

    A little bit of hit rating doesn't hurt. I find it incredibly annoying to have 0 hit on my DK, every time outbreak misses a puppy dies somewhere. It won't be for threat reasons, you can pretty much trump any threat issues by combining empower rune weapon with dancing rune weapon (i.e. get enough RP to pop DRW then ERW and then mash more buttons). Rather it will be for reliably keeping your rune tetris going... which is indeed a benefit to survival. If your raid comp means that you will often be the only person keeping up damage reduction and attack speed debuffs, that makes hit slightly more valuable.

    As for being heroic ready, you will benefit from a few upgrades and you would ideally have the option to go double stam trinket for certain fights. I don't see a lot that you can do outside the raid that'll have a big benefit to you other than what klausi pointed out. You would benefit from having the option to have the 4pc bonus, although it's not essential.

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