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Thread: Feral Druid (Bear Tanking) and Resto PvE Healing HELP!

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    Feral Druid (Bear Tanking) and Resto PvE Healing HELP!

    For Feral Bear Tanking I do Not have trouble tanking but I beileve that there is a more effective talent build and as for Resto PvE Healing Often times when I run ZA/ZG the tanks no matter if they have all HoTs on them they just drop to fast my Resto set consist of mostly Justice Points Gear and some ZA/ZG epics

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    As long as we're just posting links in the form of help:


    Perfectly good resto talent build. It doesn't seem to be the "standard" build but it works extremely well for me.

    As for why people die in ZA/ZG when you have HoT's on them, it's because you have to do more than just HoT people nowadays. You'll probably end up spamming Healing Touch a lot in those instances.

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    I run something like this. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0hbhZM...uouo:VocVmbzm0
    The points in perseverance get shifted to Blessing of the Grove and with a filler point, either leave in perseverance or toss into nature's bounty.

    The crux of the druid problem is in gear scaling. At lower levels, you NEED points in furor, or else you go OOM too quickly (assuming regular Lifebloom usage to keep up replenishment). However, as your gear scales you can opt out of furor and move into genesis. GEnesis will boost the strength of your heals, but it's no good if you keep going OOM. People specced into genesis are usually well geared, spirit-wise. My guideline is about 100k mana pool unbuffed is when you start tinkering with furor/genesis transition, to see your comfort level.

    Druids are the weakest at tank healing, but my general suggestions
    -Keep LB and rejuv rolling on the tank
    -Refresh LB with Healing Touch (nourish if you can manage it)
    -Swiftmend on CD, especially with clusters of melee. It's behaviour is MUCH different than at Cata launch, it heals the 3 lowest people in its area, which is significant boost to its strength since launch.
    -Pre 4.2, stack mastery if you want more tank heals. Post 4.2, that's going to change.
    -Don't be afraid to Nature's Swiftness+HT as well as as needed.

    Personally, I never get to use nourish, I constantly roll HoTs and use HT. That seems to work for me.

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