Knights of Tranquility was formed in August 2005 on the Silver Hand server, with the belief that raiding should be a positive, fun and friendly social experience. Our guild caters to older people with limited time to play, but who want to down content with other skilled and fun-loving people. The majority of our raiders have been together for a long time and the social aspects of raiding are as important to us as progression. As of 2007 we are now on the Scryers server.

Our approach to raid is that we are always respectful of our members, and our member's time. Our members often have responsibilities that limit the amount of time they have to play, so we make the best use of that time by starting raids promptly, and limiting the number of interruptions in raids. Each raid team member understands that raiding is a challenging activity that requires preparation and research before each raid, and that during raids, we need to give our full attention and effort to make the raid successful. However, we never resort to insults or name-calling as a means of correcting mistakes. We resolve raid issues in a positive, constructive manner.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 7:30-10:30 p.m. PST.

Our guild is ideal for you if:

* You are over the age of 30 and have a family/job/children
* You want to see end-game content without treating WoW like a second job (we raid a mere 9 hours per week!)
* You are tired of the racism, sexism, homophobia, and swearing that is all too common in hardcore raiding guilds, and you want to be part of a positive, pleasant enjoyable raiding experience where people laugh and enjoy themselves during raids.

Guild level:

Current progression:
12/12 (pre 4.2)

Interested in ranged DPS, but especially:
Elemental shaman


* Applicants should be in a mix of properly itemized 333/346 PvE gear.
* Must have Mumble installed and be able to listen on Mumble.
* Should be able to attend at least 2 of the 3 nights stated, for the full length of time.

Please fill out an application at our website at
Please click the "Apply to the guild" link in the upper right corner.

Any in-game questions should be directed to Salvor or Renwald on the Scryers server