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Thread: Restoration healing

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    Restoration healing

    I have been raiding for a while now progressing fairly well with my guild. I am always bottom of the charts on heals though compared to a resto druid and a holy paladin. I have been told I should be keeping up with the druid in HPS but normally I'm about 1k below.

    I read guides for help almost every day and when I get the chance I talk to other resto shamans on my server. I feel like I am doing everything that I should be to keep up but I am still unable to. I have good gear mostly but still have a few pieces I need replaced so I don't believe it's a gear problem. I don't know what I could be doing wrong but it seems I am doing something that slows me down. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    (A video of my healing)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZE_zs1MH2o

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    Healing meters are a rough guide, and should really only be taken into consideration if somebody is way below the pack. 1k is an extremely reasonable difference between two healers and can easily be chalked up to gear, class pros and cons, heal assignments, etc etc.

    Your armory looks okay, except for the unenchanted bracers and low Engineering skill (I presume you're in the process of leveling it). I also love the Earthliving talent, it really helps a lot when people are low on HP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebadoh View Post
    can easily be chalked up to gear, class pros and cons, heal assignments, etc etc.
    Our shaman raid heals, and is constantly wiping the floor with us (priest and druid tank healing) on the meter, while never dropping below 90% manas. idk how he does it! We always have to ask for his mana tide because, left up to him, he would never need to use it. But this is beside the point. Assignment is a big part of what you do in terms of effective healing.

    Also, are you looking at total healing (ie: healing + overhealing)? You may notice that you have more throughput than the druid, but less of it is effective (as opposed to over) healing. As a druid, when healing with a holy paladin (who think they are rockstars imo) alot of my heals go overheal due to their massive throughput.

    But as Sebadoh says, the meter is just a guideline. It is less effective as a comparison to other classes (especially in the case of healers) and more effective as a tool to learn how to drive everyone's overheals down (and by extension, effective heals/mana efficiency up).

    Remember, healing is a team sport, it's more important to make it to the end of the fight and not be OOM or have player deaths than it is to 'beat' your fellow healers on the meter.

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    I'd say based on the video your biggest problem is the amount of time where you are not casting. Most obvious in movement but also apparent at times when your casting mechanics fall apart and there is a delay between spells.

    In a different regard, normal mode council isn't a very healing intensive encounter until the final phase since a lot of damage is avoidable. Some raids will two heal that encounter. In this case there is less healing to go around and the other healers are likely beating you because they are most constant with their casting.
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    I'm not so much experienced in raid healing bu what I have experienced.
    Based on video I can tell that You are "not using" Your talent point / "spell rotation"
    After using Riptide Your Greater Healing wave is from 2.5 to 1.6 (with my haste stats)
    After using Unleash element (which I did not saw at all You would use) insc next heal by 30%
    80% of chain heals was waste of time
    70% of Healing rain was waste of time
    If You just want to be in top of healing done and don't want to look at overhealing and Your manna dropping like crazy:
    Earthshield, Riptide, Unleash, GHW, GHW, HW, Riptide, GHW, GHW
    U will be on top of HPS and overhealing with no manna.
    So to sum up -
    Riptide should be used on every cd.
    After Riptide cast GHW (I did not noticed You used it when had to) - it will let You to cast 1 spell instead of 2 hw
    After Unleash best spell is Earthshield or GHW with riptide bonus
    Chain heal is usable only if at least 3 target in range.
    Healing rain in that fight was considerable only in ph1

    Probably some details I missed in video and You are doing already.
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