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Thread: [A]Doomhammer[PvE] <WEPWN> Semi Casual 10m Raiding Guild Recruiting!

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    [A]Doomhammer[PvE] <WEPWN> Semi Casual 10m Raiding Guild Recruiting!

    WEPWN is a Norwegian 10 man semi-casual raiding guild on EU-Doomhammer Alliance. We are looking to pad our ranks in preparation for Firelands and to replace a few choice members who have had to leave us due to RL ambitions/responsibilities.
    Progress: [2/13] as of 12/06. Raids: Wed/Sun 1900h to 2300h server-time.


    Healers: 1
    Shaman or Druid

    DPS: 1
    Rogue or Warlock

    Tanks: 1
    Druid or Death Knight


    Use the web interface or e-mail us a few lines. A good application should include:

    WoW Experience:
    Character info:
    Contact info:
    A tiny bit about you:

    Applications at:

    About us:

    WEPWN was founded on the idea of a casual raiding guild for people who didn't really have time for raiding anymore, but still felt at home in that part of the game. We're a merry gang of misfits who have varying degrees of wow experience, quite a few of us are old hardcore raiders with server firsts etc. under our belts. While others we have raised from wrathbabies to full blown gamers. Therefore we don't put as much emphasis on your activity on a day to day basis, on the other hand we put a very strong emphasis on your performance when we do raid. Not to say we require utmost obedience, we do however require some modicum of skill.

    We're all Norwegian and prefer to stay that way, however if you're a solid swedish/danish applicant that meshes well with the rest of our members you might just get a trial. The important thing to understand about us is that we play for progress and fun.

    Any questions, feel free to drop me a PM here or whisper me ingame on Reitei.
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