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Thread: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Turalyon US, PVE/EST 5/13 Heroic 25s - LFM!

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    [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Turalyon US, PVE/EST 5/13 Heroic 25s - LFM!

    Our Raiding History
    Chaotic Neutral is a long-standing guild on Turalyon, a US EST PVE server. While we were a 25 player guild throughout BC and WotLK, we decided to take our best and pursue a more competitive 10-player raiding schedule in Cataclysm. And after doing 10s, and testing out 25s in a few joint runs, we decided to go back to a 25 man raiding team. We recruited, and were incredibly lucky -- the week after opening recruitment we were back in 25s. After 2 weeks, we've met our 10 man heroic progression and are now 5/13 HMs in 25 as well.

    We raid 3 nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) from 8:30 until 11:30 PM.

    Currently Recruiting for Raiding
    • Priest - disc (high)
    • Rogue (high)
    • Palaind - holy (high)
    • Shaman - elemental (medium)
    • Shaman - enhancement (medium)

    Player vs. Player
    We run rated battlegrounds on Saturday and/or Sunday nights at around 8:30 PM for whoever is in guild and interested. We have multiple people coming and going throughout the evening, and typically play 6-10 games without going past 11:30 EST. Attendance is not required for raiders. And if you can't stay on for the entirety of the night but want to join in, accommodations can usually be made.

    While we are competitive and out to win, these are mostly for enjoyment. We have players who have been, or are currently, 2400+ ranking in arena, and some that are new to the PVP scene -- in either case, we will gladly try and bring whatever reasonably geared character we can, for points and fun.

    The fun!
    While our website could most certainly give you a small snippet of the kind of fun we have in raids, it doesn't really show what a great environment we have on Turalyon. Chaotic Neutral, while far far away from Politically Correct, is always friendly and we have a zero tolerance policy on any verbal immaturity (mostly), racism or intolerance of any kind in vent or in guild chat.

    We're seriously a bunch of over performing goofballs that will make this game fun no matter what strange circumstances Blizzard throws our way. but when the pull happens in the raid it's serious business time, so:

    Serious Business
    Our average player is in their mid to late 20's, some of them with their own families, careers and educations to seek outside of the raid environment. So needless to say, we're not a hardcore raiding guild, we're an efficient guild. We don't expect our players to be ready to raid day 1 of an expansion, but we do expect you maintain a competitive character to bring to our raids, because we try to perfect encounters in the least amount of attempts humanly possible.

    We expect that you have a history of successful raiding to bring to the table; everyone makes mistakes, and we will make less of them through communication, proper explanation and understanding of mechanics, and various class limitations or advantages. We think our time is very valuable and we expect you to feel the same way. Typically, unless our players have true emergencies or real life situations to deal with, they will make our raids. Our average lifetime attendance for our current members is 90%+. We hope that you are able and willing to bring that same dedication to our raids.

    For more information, or to fill out our application, check out our website: www.cnguild.org

    Feel free to get in contact with me, Wandappy, in game as well! If I'm not online, ask any member and they can find me or point you to someone who can.
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