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Thread: CC in Reg/Herioc Dungeons

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    CC in Reg/Herioc Dungeons

    Okay Ive scanned around the forums here and on a few other sites. And while I find guides on CC, and the such, I cannot find anything specific to the Cata dungeons. Can anyone point me in the proper direction to a thread on that topic, or give me a quick rundown for each dungeon. Thanks in advance.

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    What do you want to know really? if at any point tank death is likely CC stuff, the more likey it is to kill the tank, the more things should Be CCed

    ToT: Groups with 2 Naga Spirit menders, one or both of them, same for groups with 2 Sea witches, when the 1st boss shield sherself with a vortex CC the 2 casters that spawn on th left and right. Mainly Humanoids

    BRC: many groups down to the second boss will be easier with 1 or 2 of thier casters, or a melee if insufficent casters present, almost all humanoid. Caster packs after the 2nd boss are all humnoid, CC at will all humanoid. Packs from 3rd to the last boss are have elementals though the Humoids tend to be more dangerous. the Drakonids are not CCable. Beauties pups are beasts and are CCable.

    Stonecore: packs to the first boss contain Earthcallers, these start off as humanoids and transofrm to elementals and nuke the group, the melee have 2 flavours, first have a tendency to whirlwind, the second enrage for bigger hits, all are humanoids. The rockflayers between the 1st and second Boss are beasts and can be CCed appropriately. the Packs before Ozruk have Elementals that have a nasty AoE, the Riftcalers summon multilp low health imps which felfire volley the party, and we have the enraging melee from the first packs. scouts can be CCed but should rather be killed.Orge lords are not CC able.

    Vortex pinnacle: almost everything up to the second boss is an Elemental and thus Banishable/Bindable with the exception of Cloud Princes, try to CC the smaller casters rather than the bigger Melee. after the second boss, most of the mobs are Humnoid and generall consist of Holy priests, Prot warriors and ret pally types, or their weird minister's of air who random target, both the melee typs have stacking debuffs, the healer Heals and the Minister has a Knock back. CC whichever is the most dangerous for your group, A shadow priests mind control can force these to jump off the edge of platforms to oblivion, no loot, but no mob to deal with either.Not the pyramid's of lightning, these are "grounding fields, Hostile spells will not work agiast targets standing inside these, so you can use it to render the Minister's lightning bolts uselss but likewise CCs agaisnt targets inside them will also not work.

    HoO: Generally everything can be CCed in the initial packs except th big neferset dudes whocast fireballs, Runcasters have an AoE heal, Shadowlancers have an AoE Damage spell, and the hunte typ one has a single target Nuke, CC appropriately as humnoids. the Undead on the way to Ptah can be Shackled by priest or Turned by Paladins. the Trash on the second floor are generall elementals, I don't think the Large tentacles before ammunae are CCable, His nymphs may be humanoid, and the lasher pack are random aggro and should just be burnt down.

    Lost City: most of the smaller neferset can be CCed as humanoids, Torturers have a fear which can be dangerous, CCing the bottom mob of pgymy totem pole renderns the entire Pole immobile allowing you to burn the rest of the pole with no regard to aggro.

    Grim Batol: Water ascendants are dangerous elementals, fire less so but still able to sun, the War mages have some nasty AoE and a felhunter (demon pet) wich can lock out healers the larger ogres whirlwind. the Dragonkin after the first boss can put down pools which increase damage or can spawn adds. the Mobs with the gron random target and have a nast channeled stun, CC or interupt them, the Gronn themselves aren't CCable.

    SFK: lots of undead, most of it CCable, the big bone melee dudes tend not be s are the undead monstrocities near the beginning. You may find CCing Commander springvales adds helpful.

    Deadmines Lots off CC immune guys here, mainly humanoids. THe evocaters have a Dispellable Buff that renders them CC immune. packs with multiple Blood mages can be dangerous, the Squalshapers later on can do alot of damage if left to free cast, but the cannons can be used to render them nigh harmless, the pirates that accompany them have a minimum range for their change, stacking on the tank negates this.

    ZG:Not much CC really needed,theirs a pack early on Just before the archeology encounter, after killing the only damage high priest all the add she was protecting are damageable, they are slowly casting Serpernt form, CCing them will interupt this, and thus massively decrease the damage they do, Hungering cold, ring of frost howl of terror, intimidating shout, and shockwave can be used to interupt many of them at once. The pack in Bethekk's pyramids with two Bloodletters can be dangerous as both have an interuptable whirlwind, the priest buffs himself for double damage, the Pride has a charge(like the pirates above) CC what you can.

    ZA:The packs leading up to Nalorak haveAxe throwers who knock down the tank thus removing his avoidance and block cance, and medicine men who put down Protective totems, bubbling the group and preventing Deathstrikes, or Savage defense procs, the warbears Cleave, Frenzy and sunder armour. The packs after nalorak contain Flamecasters, these guys have a Flame volly and a very powerful Knockback. The pack prior to Halazzi contains Beast tamers who can stun, Sleep and MC. There's a pack in Malacrass's room with a medicine man and a flamcaster

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    Largely speaking, my rule of thumb is to CC casters (i.e. anything with a mana bar). 9 times out of 10 unless you have a melee heavy group (at which point anything that looks like it has a huge weapon it might start spinning around with) those are the mobs that will hurt you most.
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