Hi all --

I'm writing an article for the WoW Official Magazine and I'm looking for some guilds who are currently raiding on the PTR to interview for the piece. Ideally, I'd like to come along as you raid (on vent only, natch) to listen and re-tell the story of your experiences.

Right now, I'm running up against my deadline and am still struggling to find some guilds to talk to.

If you might want to get involved and/or you'd like additional information, feel free to contact me here or via email at ducking4apples (at) yahoo (dot) com. I also have characters on the US PVE test servers: Elyindiria for Horde and Kapeni for Allied.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Best, s.

PS -- I know that I'm probably having trouble finding sources because it sounds like a scam, but it really isn't. I've been writing for the magazine for the past three issues, and if I can definitely prove it by sharing my real name, my writing website, etc. with you before you agree to be interviewed. Thank you again.