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Thread: afflication help

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    afflication help

    im not sure what im doing wrong or its just my gear at my level from start to finish my damage is around 8-11k dps while other's are pulling 10-13k towards the end of the run i'll be just below there damage by a few %'s im running afflication keeping all my dots up when they need to be 2 or plus mobs im doing seed of curruption running with the fel puppy below is my gear link plus my rotation

    bane of doom ^boss fights^ ^ non boss fights^ coe
    unstable afflication
    soulburn with soul fire off cd
    spam s-bolt untill dots need refresh
    drain soul when target is below 20%

    i reforged all my gear so i would not miss mobs at level 85-88
    every stat i could went into hit if not hit then haste then mastery if it was available

    i am missing some rep gear atm and a few heroic items
    i logged out in my pve gear if it shows pvp sorry
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    I suggest you read this Elitist Jerks Affliction Guide.

    Me nitpicking:
    -Your at 9.4% spell hit. The hit cap is 17%.
    -Your using the wrong prime glyph
    --You should use Unstable Affliction over BoA (if EJ can be trusted)
    -Mastery isn't great for you. Crit is actually valued over it. You should gear Int > Hit (to cap) > Haste > Crit > Mastery
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    For a start banes, Curses, and UA all stack, so none of this BoD or CoE and UA over BoA nonsense.

    You're opening should be
    SB (to get S&F up)
    CoE (Skip if a boomkin, Ass Rogue, another warlock, Dragonhawk pet, or Windserpent pet are with you, use CoW or CoT instead)
    Bane (Doom if target is gonna live >15secs, Agony otherwise or Soulswappin on CD)

    once thats over with its just a case of casting haunt on CD ,refreshing Corruption, BoD, and UA just before they fall off, keeping CoE up and spamming SB/drain life as filler. don't bother with Soulfire, Aff doesn't have any support talents for it so its a wast of a GCD

    Leethaxor is dead right in the stat priority, this means you should Gem near completely Brilliant Inferno Rubies perhaps getting a int/haste or int/hit for +20int socket bonus, but otherwise ignore it and go for more int. Your metagem is meh, you want a +int +crit damage one; Burning shadowspirit diamond i think it's called.

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    ok thnx guys for the feedback with a few tweaks here and there i can see a difference allready i did everthing i could to reach hit cap just not happening yet with my gear but my dmge has gone up ty for the feedback all and keep it coming
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    Dummies aren't a good indication of you're real DPS,Aff is very dependent on it's execute phase, and you don't have anyone Stacking you're DI.

    which is another point, where's your DI generally going?

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    quick question for mobs 2 or more would i dot up a target soul swap to another then spam seed of curruption

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    I think for 2 definetly. for 3 or 4 i'm not sure but for 5 or more SoC spam is probably the way to go.

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    I only use seed of corruption for 4 or more mobs and only if they die in 10 seconds.
    For 3 or less, dot up one and soul swap another then dot up the third. If there are more and they'll live for a longer period, I use soulburn seed first and then manually apply UA and BoA to each of them. Spam seed after they are all dotted.

    Your gear selections and reforge/gems still way off. First of all, if you are only doing 5man content, you'll only need 6% hit.

    There are already a lot ppl mentioned the stats priority, according to those priority u can tweak your current gear/enchant/gem/reforge as the following:

    You should gem +20int +20haste on your head.
    On your neck you should reforge mastery to haste.
    Shoulders reforge crit to hit if you need the hit and missing enchant.
    Back reforge mastery to haste and missing enchant, +30 int or +50int.
    Chest u should gem both +40int gems and +15/+20 all stats enchant as well reforge mastery to haste.
    Bracers can be enchanted with +50hit or +50int (more expensive).
    Hands +50 haste enchant.
    Waist isn't a good choice because it has wasted stats on spirit, you can grab a tailor one for a reasonable price. Dont forget the belt buckle.
    +20int +20haste and +40int gems on legs.
    Feet with +40int gem and +50hit enchant.
    Reforge crit to hit on your 359 ring if you're not capped.
    Reforge mastery to haste/hit on your 316 trinket.
    Weapon needs an enchant and reforge the mastery to hit.
    And wand reforge mastery to haste.

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