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Thread: Starting BH / BWD , advice on gear/spec needed please

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    Starting BH / BWD , advice on gear/spec needed please

    Here it is, should i change dodge/stam gems for flat stam? Thanks in advance for any help!


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    You should only need to gem flat stam if you're starting Heroic raids, and even then a stam Trinket can be enough. You should be gemming Dodge/stam either, you want;

    Blues: Pussiant Dream emeralds (Mastery/stam)
    Yellows: Fractured Amberjewels (Mastery)
    Red: Fine Ember Topazs (Mastery/Parry)
    Meta: Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond (+81 stam & +1% block Value)

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    OK thanks alot

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    You're not reforging into mastery. Every piece of gear should have mastery on it. So if it's Dodge/parry, reforege one (usually dodge) into mastery. If its (Dodge/parry)/(hit/exp) reforge the hit/exp unless the dodge/parry has 2x as many rating points.

    Enchants look find, but block looks ~8% too low.

    Also, you'll want to keep parry rating > dodge rating. Koji's math shows at 2400 mastery, Parry should be about 800 rating higher than dodge.

    A slight addition to what Teng said:

    Prismatic/DPS bonus (ebonsteel beltbuck, the expertise socket bonus in the belt) gem full 40 mastery (Fractured). Gem to the socket bonus if the bonus is stam/dodge/parry/mastery.

    Remember to reforge your trinkets.

    Glyphs look good.

    Not loving your spec.

    3/3 in bloodcraze is wasted really. It seems to be a lot better than it really is. It's too RNG and not big enough to be noticeable.

    I've not seen a real need for safeguard either.

    I would see if you feel comfortable without gag order. In is useful in heroics, but once you're raid geared, it's not necessary for heroics, and it's not all that useful for trash in raids since you have enough CC.

    I would put the 1 from safe guard, 3 points from blood craze, and 2 point from gag order into 3/3 war academy and 3/3 deep wounds to help with threat generation.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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