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Thread: Shadow priest dps problem

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    Shadow priest dps problem

    Hi, so we have had a SP in out group for a bit and bc of our other dps is great, I didn't pay attention to the dmg charts until we hit one of three endgame bosses. He has been at the bottom if the chart almost overtime averaging 11-12k. He has all 359 except for weapon. Here is his armory:

    Plz help him.

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    Unenchanted gear, wrong stat priority (reforging for Crit instead of Haste, and .5% away from the hitcap), and he even has an unspent talent point. Granted, that talent point would go in Inner Sanctum which is a defensive talent, but still why would you leave it unspent?

    Sorry if this comes off as rude but he should be directed to a 101 guide, such as the one in the DPS forums here: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...w-to-Melt-Face

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