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Some good points overall but, whilst Blizzard are good at fixing issues, in this case they haven't admitted that Cata was a flop. Instead they're claiming that players are going through content quicker. The level 1-60 rehash was self-indulgent and must of soaked up a lot of effort, if they want to win back the respect of players - they need more quality content.

Patch release's like Ruby Sanctum and ZA/ZG are dissapointing, and seem to be stalling tactics while we wait for real content. If your geared up already, ZA and ZG do not have much replay value.

On a positive note, ZG seemed to recapture some of that Blizz quality which we haven't seen since Ulduar.
They still haven't balanced the huge gap between melee dps and ranged dps. Their balance team is HORRIBLY slow to fix under performing specs. Top guilds abuse the crap out of the op specs until the next op spec pops up for them to abuse. I don't expect perfect balance but not even close at this point and this tier of raiding is pretty much done until Firelands comes out.