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Thread: 4.2 Prot Gear

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    http://chardev.org/?profile=162814 102.37% avoidance + miss + block @ 202k hp raidbuffed with a flask
    http://chardev.org/?profile=162820 almost the same with a permafrost cape and a second 391 ring instead

    Both using 3 offpieces. If i want to do the same with 4 piece it's a tough job reaching "block cap" without the elixir combo or a second (pure) mastery trinket.

    Another thing to consider especially for 10m: accessibility
    Both Rag shoulders and T12 heroic helmet may be out of reach for a while (at least until some more nerfs fly by), so you might want to calculate with heroic Baleroc helmet, heroic Bethilac chest and the nonheroic Ragnaros shoulders for now. Or not calculating with Rag shoulders after all due to their style, i honestly can't bear running around a full tier with them. I ogle with something like that http://chardev.org/?profile=162836 (2* elixir, 4 piece, baleroc helmet)
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    You're right, I wasn't thinking that the heroic tier came from Rag as well!

    And chardev won't load for me atm, not sure why.

    And haha, their look was also one of my concern when calculating which offpiece I wanted. I was glad it wasn't the one.

    Something else : You're calculating BiS sets that almost make it unhittable (0.03% off), while using offpieces. You want to consider that while gathering that set up, you won't be unhittable. The 4 piece gets you unhittable 2/3 of the time. To me, it's not worth it to dodge it, especially like you say it, some items will be out of range, and sometimes, you'll just get very bad lucky on some items that won't drop (according to our guild luck with shields, we won't see a shield in the next 6 months..).
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    I got the Stoneheart Necklace for parry + mastery, but I see a lot of tanks with Firebound Gorget which is expertise/mastery, anyone know why?

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    You can upgrade the Firebound Gorget to 391 item level with the boss token drop, you cannot upgrade the Valor necklace.

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    1250 valor points you can spend on the three tier items, ranged/relic slot and the ring first. It's still one ID until you can affort all three tier items and those are (well regulary) bigger upgrades than the necklace.

    After reforging you look at 227 mastery + 46 dodge (=273) versus 165 mastery + 145 parry (=310), which comes pretty close at combat table coverage.

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    Especially as parry seems to be on everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by veksen View Post
    Without going for unhittable, I built the following BiS template : http://chardev.org/?profile=158358 leaving me at 98.57%. I believe it would be possible to go with a mastery elixir, and maybe need to swap a couple gems, but it's definitly doable.
    I changed a few things in your profile that made it unhittable. If you add Kings, Battle Shout, and Food buff, and change out Scales for the Stay of Execution (reforged to mastery), you get unhittable.

    (You can even use the dodge food buff instead of mastery, that way you get to use the feast that everyone else does)
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    but i like eaten by myself in the corner : /

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