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Thread: Warrior Learning Arms

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    Warrior Learning Arms

    Hey guys im new to the world of pvp. I am fury spec for dps, and i pull off 11k-15k. I am trying pvp and I do pretty good in 2v2 arenas but dueling i get raped by arms warriors. i am thinking that arms is the way to go and i need help building a good spec and macros and stuff. can anybody help me be a better arms or fury pvper?

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    I have frequently encountered the assumption that Arms always > Fury for PvP, particularly in arenas... but Im not convinced this assumption is valid.

    I think that both specs have different areas of utility to offer;

    Arms has a few PvP specific abilities & talents that help them shine, such as Throwdown (5 sec stun on 45 sec CD) and Bladestorm (6 sec CC immunity on 90 sec CD), and the ability for individual attacks to hit harder (more burst damage)... however Fury is not entirely lacking in this department :

    Heroic Fury + Skirmisher talents give them greatly increased mobility (heroic fury can be used to break snares as well as refresh intercept CD, and skirmisher decreases the CDs of heroic leap + intercept considerably), they rarely have to stance-dance to be effective (only 1 or 2 abilities from arms are useful for fury in PvP, which have long CDs, and there is no attraction for a fury warrior to stay in battle stance but the same cannot be said for arms re: berserker stance), and increased auto-attack damage + death wish gives Fury its own source of very strong burst potential.

    Which spec you PvP best with will generally come down to whichever one you have the best gear for, and the most experience playing... if you have been playing & PvPing in fury for a long time as I have, you may find trying to PvP as arms more trouble than it is worth.

    I dont use any macros when PvPing, except a stopcast for slam because for fury it is worthless casting it unless you get a free proc from bloodsurge.

    The best advice I can give you is, think, and get to know the tricks and tactics of your opponents well: if you can predict what your opponents will do in any given situation you can take better actions to prevent them gaining advantage over you... try not to walk into ambushes, save your defensive CDs for when they will do you the most good... the no.1 cause of defeat for a warrior is getting singled out by CC / stealth classes, which can be prevented by staying in range of a healer (if you have one - if not, it is highly recommended you get one) and not presenting yourself as a target unless you have plan to turn this to your advantage.

    Make sure you have Pummel (your main interrupt) and your defensive abilities hot-keyed and get practiced using them, so that you can react quickly enough to make a difference... these abilities are no good to you if you are too slow to take advantage of them.

    Learn to recognise weaknesses in enemy teams that you can best exploit... sometimes you will want to go for an easy kill because it weakens the enemy team in a permanent capacity, other times you will want to pick a target and harass them with stuns & interrupts, or quickly swap between targets as needed... often you will have to change targets rapidly to gain advantage over teams with healers to try to throw them off-balance, because being unpredictable is another thing which can help you gain advantage; if you are predictable your opponents will start to anticipate your actions and prepare counters for them making your actions pointless.

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    I'm in the same boat, a fury warrior doing pvp trying arms for the first time since cata. I can tell you a few things that the person above didn't mention which I think makes arms better if you get good at it...mortal strike, hamstring. Fury has furious attacks which reduces healing effects but I think mortal strike is much stronger in reducing healing ability. Hamstring is very important on keeping enemies close enough to strike. Both specs can also utilize piercing howl. I think you can be effective as arms or fury but not at the highest levels of arena in which resilience is in the 4k range and mortal strike becomes that much more important. There are some arms warrior pvp guides on youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bung View Post
    Fury has furious attacks which reduces healing effects but I think mortal strike is much stronger in reducing healing ability.
    All healing reduction abilities are standardised at 10%; both debuffs have a 10 sec duration, the only difference is that the debuff from mortal strike is guaranteed from a successful attack with the ability whereas furious attacks are a proc based off auto-attacks which makes it slightly less reliable, although it still sees fairly high uptime and lacks MS's 4.5 sec CD.

    I didnt mention mortal strike/furious attacks or hamstring/piercing howl for exactly the reason that both talent specs have roughly equal access to them and my post was more focused on highlighting the differences between the specs. Yes the Arms variants are slightly stronger but it amounts to very little difference in the overall scheme of things.

    Improved hamstrig sounds like it should be stronger, but in practise it doesnt matter if your opponent is slower than you or completely immobile, as long as they arent as fast or faster than you... in arenas at least. In BGs there are many circumstances which can make it preferable to immobilise an enemy as opposed to merely slowing it due to the large scale distances involved.

    One area that Fury has an incontestable advantage over arms is in self-healing; both specs can access field dressing, second wind & blood craze, however only Fury can get Bloodthirst which can be improved via glyph and is yet another source of self-healing which benefits from field dressing.

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    speaking of arms pvp,whats a good arms pvp spec cuz apparently my internet browser messed up(i still think its kinda messed up cuz my favorite places on google chrome dont load like they used to) and the dude i copyed the spec i was going apparently his armory doesnt work anymore


    i was thinkin about goin that spec but is it good for like bg pvp

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