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Thread: rogue 4.2 pvp question

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    rogue 4.2 pvp question

    Hemorrhage now deals 155% weapon damage (225% if a dagger is equipped), up from 110% weapon damage (160% if a dagger is equipped)."

    could i technically use hemo as a combo point generator instead of backstab.cuz i know according to the tooltip backstab is 200 percent weapon damage and this says that hemo is 225 percent.i tried the whole hemo thing instead of backstab and it didnt really seem to work out but i ended up making a warrior instead but i dont know.i dont only plan on pvping with it and ive never really liked the fact that fury has no threat reduction

    i thought i heard people talking about some hemo spam build on arenajunkies but i didnt see anything about it when i was on it.oh and if im right,racial wise does it matter that much anymore.cuz i know horde wise goblin was the best but i think if i did it over again i probably would of went undead cuz i like the undead look better anyway
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