Reckless Abandonment is a relatively new guild that has many long established members, raiders, real-life and in-game friends. We are a casual guild running 25man raids that acknowledges the demands of real life over WoW. We are a friendly, quirky bunch of players that enjoy playing and raiding with each other on a regular basis.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday through Thursday. We use the waitlist method of signing up for raids, and invites are based on guild rank, attendance and performance (in no particular order). WaitList (WL) goes out at 7PM server time, and raid usually forms at 7:30 depending on attendance and raid composition. We are currently 12/13 in Tier-11 content.

We are currently recruiting for strong healers and DPS to fill raid spots. Applications are available on our website: (Wowstead registration required.)

Below are the classes/specs we’re currently looking for:

DPS warrior (Arms/Fury)
Holy Paladin
Any DPS/Heal spec shaman
Any DPS/Heal spec druid
Holy Priest
If you are applying as a healer, having a viable dps spec is preferred, but not required.

Contact Euvie, Amaeywn, Repossess, Shield, Sevetra, or Allor on Thunderhorn(US) for more info.