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Thread: [H] <Mind Games> - Illidan 25m Raiding guild looking for more

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    [H] <Mind Games> - Illidan 25m Raiding guild looking for more

    What is <Mind Games> ?
    <Mind Games> is a guild that has routinely been in the top 200 US status, raiding with each other through different tags dating back to The Burning Crusade four years ago. We plan on continuing this level of excellence throughout Cataclysm. Below you can find what we are looking for in Cataclysm raiders. If you fit the bill, please apply today!

    Current progression: 10/13H 25m
    Blackwing Descent: 6/6
    Heroic Magmaw
    Heroic Omnotron Defense System
    Heroic Chimaeron
    Heroic Maloriak
    Heroic Artramedes
    Heroic Nefarian
    The Bastion of Twilight: 3/4
    Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    Heroic Valiona and Theralion
    Heroic Cho'gall
    Throne of the Four Winds: 1/2
    Heroic Conclave of Wind

    What we're looking for:
    Tank: DK or Feral
    Ranged-DPS: Ele Sham, S-priest, BOOMKIN, Mage, Hunt
    Melee-DPS: Feral Cat, Enh Shaman, Frost DK
    Heals: Resto Druid, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin

    ~Open raid spots to any exceptional players!~

    We are always looking to increase our roster with exceptional players! Please do not hesitate to fill out an application if your specific class is not listed above. If you consider yourself to be a top caliber player and consistently tend to out preform others on your realm/guild, I definitely suggest posting an application.

    <Mind Games> is also proud to say that we currently have one of the best PvP divisions around, counting over 100 glads. Our RBG teams are a force to be reckoned with!

    What you can expect from us as a guild:
    -Solid attendance
    -Strong leadership
    -Continued Success
    -Help from other members should any be needed
    -A close knit community of friends without cliques
    -Optional 10man raids (Trials are more than welcome to come)

    We expect you to have:
    -85% attendance
    -Strong knowledge of your class as well as brief knowledge of other classes and their mechanics
    -Strong knowledge of boss fights (Come Prepared to down any boss we decide to pull)
    -Ability to accept criticism
    -Ability to admit your mistakes and own up when you cause a wipe.
    -Open minded and friendly. (We are not looking for hermits who don't have a microphone)
    -Pre-Cata Raid Experience
    -Raid ready, max professions
    -Rep factions maxed for enchants
    -Item level must be at least 360+

    Loot System:
    <Mind Games> uses a loot council system. Loot is distributed through the officers.

    Raid Times:
    We currently raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Monday from 7:00-11:00 CST(server time).

    How to apply:
    Visit http://www.mgguild.com/ and follow directions there.
    You can contact Ganova, Urmomsmyalt, or Sikonos if you are interested in applying.

    Thanks for your time! Hope to be in touch!
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