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Thread: When is it time to leave friends?

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    When is it time to leave friends?

    Hey all, long-time TS reader, first-time poster...

    I sent Lore a similar question yesterday, not to get on PST or all that jazz, but more for his perspective and knowledge as a knowledgable guild leader. I figured I'd post here to get a community response as well.

    So I have been with my current guild since I changed servers years ago to be with people I work with and their friends, the vast majority of who are still in the guild. There has never been any loot drama or people putting themselves above others, plus everyone is on a first name basis, which is very nice to feel comfortable and family-like.

    So because I greatly enjoy the situation, one may wonder how there could be a problem. Well, we haven't raided since Cata launched so everyone could gear up and I took some time off then and eventually came back a few months ago. In the time I've been back, I have two characters in the rosters top three for gearscore and am probably one of the more active people (being online and always willing to help when asked). We recently started talks of raiding but sometimes I feel as if some aren't putting the same dedication into preparing themselves and when the new content hits, assming we have started raiding, we'll be a tier behind as pretty much now anyways. It makes me wonder if maybe I'm just more "hardcore," play too much, or just overthinking the situation.

    Is there any appropriate time to leave a group of friends in search or better challenges? On one hand, I'm paying a monthly fee and not getting my full value, but on the other hand I wouldn't feel good about bailing and seeming selfish when I currently have a necessary spot in our core group.

    I apologize if I have rambed too much, but is there a time to leave your friends and look for a more progression-oriented group or should I just wait it out, look for PUGs in the meantime, and enjoy a competent, friendly group and hope that we get with the program?

    Thanks in advance for any comments/input/support.

    Treely yours,

    US|Argent Dawn|Horde

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    You said in your post that you have more than one character in your guild who is raid ready? I may have miss read but that's what it sounded like. Why don't you choose the one you would most like to progress on and take it out of the guild and venture for a new guild, one which tickles your fancy.

    That way if anybody needs any help at any time you still have a character in the guild and you can still enjoy that sense of community you get from the guild, but on the other hand you can be progressively raiding on your other character, and who knows - once they see you're getting some decent progression on your other character, they might decide that they too want to raid. You can then leave your new guild and go back or raid with your 'comfortable' guild on the character who is still in the guild.

    I suppose that's how I would go about it personally but it all comes down to you in the end my friend.
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    I always say it boils down to whether you are having fun or not. If you are not having fun, you might want to think about changing your guild on your main. But do it in a way that doesn't make you the ultimate persona non grata for your ex-guildies.

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    I completely agree with Pyrea. It's all about what you find fun. In my experiences a guild with a majority of players who aren't raiders usually doesn't turn into a raiding guild, and even if it does it will probably not have too much success. You pay money to play the game so do what you enjoy. If that is raiding then you will most likely have to leave and possibly even change servers if needed to find a suitable raiding guild. I felt like you do now around the time Wrath came out. I was in a guild of "friends" who tried raids here and there but weren't raiders. Once I made the decision to find a raiding guild it really made the game fantastic for me. I kept in touch with a few people but I made new friends. You will make some new friends too and those people will be everyday players.

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