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Thread: Shadow Priest DPS: How to Melt Face

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    Shadow Priest DPS: How to Melt Face

    Greensocks' Shadow Priest DPS Guide: How to Melt Face

    Cataclysm 4.2
    As far as I can tell, the 4.2 nerf didn't hit us to hard. The only notable change to our rotation is a higher priority on mind blast. Instead of waiting for orbs like i previously suggested, you will be wanting to cast this every time its off cool down immediately.

    | Carpe Noctem |
    US-Darkspear Horde

    Feel free to contact me in game.

    I am writing this guide to give my perspective on playing our beloved class, the shadow priest. Writing it is more of a personal adventure than anything else, but if it helps anyone that would be great too.

    i. Gearing
    ii. Spec/Glyphing
    iii. Making Your Toon
    iv. Enchanting/gemming
    v. Setting up your bars
    vi. Rotation
    vii. Tips and Tricks

    SWP: Shadow Word: Pain
    MF: Find Flay
    MB: Mind Blast
    SWD: Shadow Word: Death

    i. Gearing

    The accepted stat weights from shadowpriest.com are as follows

    Intellect = 1.0000
    Spell Pwr = 0.7688
    Haste = 0.5176
    Spirit/hit = 0.4856
    Mastery = 0.4856
    Crit = 0.4836

    To use these simply multiply the stats corresponding to the stat weights and sum the total, dont forget to include gems and socket bonuses.
    for example, lets look at Incineratus off magmaw, to do this calculation you would go:
    (146 int)*1+(97 haste)*0.5176+(1954 spell pwr)*0.7688+(97 mastery)*.4856=.....
    lets now look at the mace off chogalls hammer Twilight's Hammer
    (146 int)*1+(97 haste)*0.5176+(1954 spell pwr)*0.7688+(97 crit)*.4836=.....
    Following these stat values leads us to believe that Twilight's Hammer is better by a slight margin.

    For a "complete" list of items ordered according to their values visit http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.ph...=29791&start=0

    Another important thing to consider is the "haste plateau." These plateaus refer to the amount of haste required to gain extra ticks on your dots.

    First, a bit of background on the new dot system implemented in Cataclysm: Pre-4.0 the effect of haste on your dots simply made them tick faster and fall off faster. With the new cataclysm system, haste Will make your dots tick faster, but the "basic" duration of the dot will remain constant.

    The haste steps in cata are (taken from mmochampion.com):

    xx.xx% haste (xxxx haste rating)

    06.25 (0000) +1 tick to DP
    08.34 (0024) +1 tick to SWP
    10.00 (0220) +1 tick to VT
    18.75 (1256) +2 ticks to DP
    25.00 (1996) +2 ticks to SWP
    30.00 (2588) +2 ticks to VT
    31.25 (2736) +3 ticks to DP
    41.67 (3969) +3 ticks to SWP
    43.75 (4216) +4 ticks to DP
    50.00 (4956) +3 ticks to VT
    56.25 (5696) +5 ticks to DP
    58.34 (5943) +4 ticks to SWP
    70.00 (7324) +4 ticks to VT

    To clarify this new system I will demonstrate an example, lets say you have 0% haste. You cast vampiric touch. In its base effect, this ability has a 15 second duration and will tick 5 times I. Lets say you got just under 10% haste (219 rating), this will decrease the duration of vampiric touch. Stepping up to 10% (220) will add one more tick and increase the duration of the dot accordingly.
    With this knowledge it would be beneficial to get over this haste step so you get that "free" tick of VT. Many players argue the value of statting for the platues as the increase in dps will be minimal, but to truely min/max you must take these into consideration.
    Also, it is important to note that your hardest hitting dot is VT and increasing this will that the greatest effect. Increasing SWP over a plateau will have a minimal effect as you do not cast this dot more than once during a normal single target fight.

    I went and did some math concerning haste caps:

    For this example i will talk about shadow priests vampiric touch.

    at 29.99 haste VT looks like this:

    6 ticks over 13.84 seconds

    at 30.01% haste VT looks like this:

    7 ticks over 16.15 seconds

    The way to figure out what this cap is actually worth has nothing to do with the VT damage itself. The dot will have 100% uptime no matter what. The .02% haste will grant so little dps we wont even take it into account for this example. The reason this cap will be a dps increase is the time it will save us not refreshing VT as much.

    Take a 5 minutes fight, 300 seconds

    At 29.99% haste VT will be cast:

    300 sec/13.84 sec= 21.68 times

    At 30.01% haste VT will be cast:

    300 sec/16.15 sec= 18.576 times

    The difference comes out to be:

    21.68 casts -18.576 casts = 3.104 casts

    With a VT cast time of 1.15 seconds this means we will have an extra:

    3.104 casts * 1.15 sec/cast = 3.57 seconds

    MF is what we would be putting in its stead. MF has a cast time of 2.3 sec.

    Breaking 30% haste nets us extra Mind flays:

    3.57 seconds / (2.3 sec/cast)= 1.552 Mind Flays

    Mind flay is going to be doing ~20k per cast

    20000 damage/mind flay * 1.552 Mind flays = 31043.5 damage

    this nets out to be

    31043.5 damage / 300 seconds = 103.5 dps

    Granted this is "free" dps. But is not going to end up being worth dumping notable amounts of intellect for.
    The time where these haste caps do matter is for spells like Devouring plague where a percent of the entire dot damage is dealt up front. Adding a tick to this will add more damage to the up front damage. These caps are worth substantially more than ones like VT.

    In conclusion, the 30% VT haste cap should not be focused on as much as some spriests (including myself) have been doing.
    The lvl 85 raiding spell hit cap is 17% which comes out to 1742 hit rating. i dont know the draenei number but if i am not mistaken it is 1% less, so 16% or ~1640 hit rating. Some priests will tell you to skip the hit cap and go for more haste. I do not agree with this. RNG can ruin a good rotation even if your miss chance is .01%.

    Tier gear:

    Our best tier pieces are head/pants/chest/shoulders. All these pieces are considered BiS. The set bonuses are good. Use the gloves if its your only way to get the 4-piece.

    The set bonuses in T12 are good and we will want to get these. The pants will be your piece to avoid if possible (avoid the gloves if you have access to the Rag ones, their increased ilvl is going to end up being better), but taking these over a haste piece will be beneficial if it gets you the set bonus.

    ii. Spec/Glyphing



    Glyph Of Mind Flay : This is a solid DPS increase and should always be used. Its PvP value is questionable. Another thing to note here is that in a recent patch the requirement of having SWP on the target to recieve the damage increase was removed.
    Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain : Another solid DPS increase and should always be used.

    The 3rd glyph is fight dependant in my opinion.
    Glyph of Shadow Word: Death : A solid DPS increase and will provide huge mana returns.
    Glyph of Dispersion : This will reduce the CD on dispersion, using dispersion at key points in a fight will save your healers alot of trouble and can even trivialize different fight mechanics such as blackout in the Valiona and Therelion encounter.


    There are no obvious choices here, and different fights will require different glyphs. The glyphs I use are:
    Glyph of Spirit Tap : Provides good mana return.
    Glyph of Psychic Scream : Saves headaches when used on mobs from pulling adds and will save headaches during the Chogall encounter when used to interrupt your allies.
    Glpyh of Fade : I find myself jumping the gun and pulling threat too often and this one helps me with that. Also, on fights like Chimeron with burn phases, this glyph can allow you to bounce the boss between players after the tanks die.

    Other viable options include the following:
    Glyph of Fear Ward : Pretty self explanatory
    Glpyh of Inner Fire : Will provide a bit extra armor if you find yourself taking excessive amounts of physical damage.
    Glpyh of Psychic Horror : This is a must for PvP as Psychic scream castrates many classes.
    Glyph of Mass Dispel : Since 4.1 shadow priests cannot dispel allies using Dispel. This glyph will lessen the commitment of your dispels and keep you moving.


    Does it really matter? I use the following:
    Glyph of Shackle Undead : useful on Nefarian
    Glyph of Levitate : Useful in fights where you are knocked into the air, examples include Nefarian, Ascendant Council, and Ragnaros.
    Glyph of Shadow Fiend : why not?


    My current raid spec looks like this:

    Another viable option if you have mana issues would be:

    Heres a brief run though of the important Shadow talents.

    Darkness : this is an obvious choice as 3% haste is really good.
    Improved Shadow Word: Pain : also an obvious choice for PvE, questionable in PvP
    Veiled Shadows : The reduced CD on fade is just a bonus in this talent. Shadow Fiend puts out some serious damage and it gives us mana, This talent is must for both PvE and PvP.
    Improved Psychic Scream : I would not reccomend this talent for PvE, but in PvP it is incredible.
    Improved Mind Blast : pre-4.0 this talent was dropped by many shadow priests due to the limited value of Mind Blast. In present day, Mind Blast is our heaviest hitting ability, and this is a must for PvE, its PvP value is questionable.
    Improved Devouring Plague : This is a must for us. It gives us an instant cast that does damage, pre-25% hp DP is our hardest hitting instant.
    Twisted Faith : this is a must, increased shadow damage and hit rating from spirit. This opens up a new world of gear to shadow priests that mages and warlocks find useless.
    Shadowform : the staple of our spec. This provides a raid buff and increases your damage done and decreases your damage taken. This is identical to moonkin form on a druid. Note that disc spells can still be cast in Shadow Form, this means you can dispel and bubble and use archangel.
    Phantasm : limited use in PvE, very good in PvP. Dont take this for raiding
    Harnessed Shadows : Extremely important talent. Shadow orbs not only increase the damage of mind blast, but they provide the buff Empowered shadows.
    Silence : This is great in PvP, but it is a struggle to get for PvE as it requires 3 talent points and is not really worth it.
    Vampiric Embrace : This turns us into a vampire like class leaching HP from our foes.
    Masochism : This talent is a huge source of our mana return. Highly reccomended talent.
    Mind Melt : This turns our SWD into an execute ability making it our hardest hitting ability on sub 25% enemies. It also allows us to cast intant Mind Blasts after casting 2 Mind Spikes.
    Pain and Suffering : This talents lets Mind Flay refresh your SWP, also helps us avoid committing suicide from SWD spamming.
    Paralysis : I don't like this talent, it is too situational in PvP and is useless in PvE.
    Psychic Horror : A fear effect and a disarm. A must for PvP, limited utility in PvE.
    Sin and Punishment : In PvP this talent lets us cast more shadow fiends. Which is good for DPS and mana
    Shadowy Apparition : This is a respectable portion of our DPS and should be taken for PvP, it is also good for PvP. Note that when you are moving as your SWP ticks, you will have an increased chance to summon an apparition. This helps to keep our dps up in high movement fights. You can only have 4 apparitions active at any given time. I will discuss this later.
    Dispersion : My favorite talent. This makes us near invincible. Can trivialize certain boss mechanics. Great in PvP. Just good all around.

    Twin Disciplines : straight up dps increase. This should always be taken.
    Improved Power Word: Shield : Useful in both PvE and PvP, if you have a priest in your group, you will want to be careful sheilding yourself due to the weakened soul debuff though.
    Mental Agility : Reduces mana cost of instant spells, if you have mana issues, take this for sure.
    Evangelism : This is very important, this provides a stacking buff from your MF ticks. This will increase your dot damage by 10%. Also these stacks are consumed for Archangel.
    Archangel : Our only talented CD and should always be taken for shadow. Great mana return and a solid DPS increase.
    Inner Sanctum : Reduces shadow damage. Use your extra floater points here.

    iii. Making Your Toon



    Goblin: Time is Money : 1% increase to attack and casting speed. To dispel any confusion surrounding this topic. This is 1% haste. Very good racial. Goblin jump is awesome. This will help to maximize your stand still time and can get your out of bad stuff fast.
    Troll: Berserking : 10 seconds of 20% increase casting speed. The best shadow priest race if used correctly. Stacking this with other CDs will net more damage than 1% passive haste. But if you dont see yourself being able to pop this at the right times, go Goblin. Beast Slaying is nice, but very situational.
    Blood Elf: Provides and interrupt and mana back ability. Not the best for dps purposes.
    Undead: Will of the forsaken : removes fear etc. In certain situations this would be the best, but seeing no solid use in the new cata raids, I would reccomend going troll or goblin.
    Tauren: provides a slight survivability buff, but otherwise useless for dps.


    Worgen: 1% passive crit, pretty good, subpar compared to goblin, but good none the less. Increased movement CD. Good in certain situations
    Draenei: 1% hit chance. Very good, frees up room for more haste. Hit is more valuable than crit, so the draenei race is better than worgen.
    Dwarf: Provides a defensive CD, dead dps is no dps.
    Human: increased spirit (which does not effect our hit rating), PVP trinket effect is awesome.
    Gnome: Not much to say here, just goofy looking with silly racials.


    Engineering: This is incredible for shadow priests. It gives us a +480 intellect CD which you can use during other CDs, or just macro it to MB. It also provides a bubble on your belt to help keep you alive. Dead dps is no dps. Dont use the rocket boot tinker. RNG can kill you.
    Tailoring: Chance to gain intellect cloak inchant. Currently considered the best caster profession. I dont like the RNG that this profession involves though.
    Jewelcrafting: +67 int gems will net you 81 intellect
    Gathering professions are sub par and the rest of the crafting professions will all net you +80 intellect where these will net you 80 of a green stat.

    iv. Enchanting/gemming


    As far as gemming goes, use the equations I put forth earlier to determine the best gem.
    Meta: Burning Shadowspirit Diamond
    Red: Brilliant Inferno Ruby (40 int)
    Blue: Purified Demonseye (20 int, 20 spirit)
    Yellow: Reckless Ember Topaz (20 int, 20 haste)


    Head: 60 int 35 crit (hyjal)
    Shoulders: 50 int 25 haste (therazane)
    Back: 50 int
    Chest: 20 stats
    Wrists: 50 int
    Weapon: power torrent
    Off hand: 40 int
    Gloves: 65 mastery is best 50 haste is a cheap alternative
    Belt: extra socket
    Legs: +95 int +55 spirit
    Ring: +40 int (enchanters only)
    Feet: 50 haste, or 30 mastery and run increase.

    v. Setting up your bars

    Here are the abilities you will want key bound, roughly in order of the use amount/importance.

    Mind Flay
    Mind Blast
    Vampiric Touch
    Devouring Plague
    Shadow Word: Death
    Shadow Word: Pain
    Shadow Fiend
    /cancelaura Dispersion
    Mind Sear
    Power Word: Shield
    Leap of Faith
    Flash Heal
    Shadow Form
    Mass Dispel
    Cure Disease
    Psychic Scream
    Mind Spike
    Any useful racial
    Mana Burn

    Conditional Keybinds:

    Psychic Horror

    Clickables: obviously key binding these is better, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, it won't wreck you if you click these.

    Hymn of Hope
    Divine Hymn
    Prayer of Mending
    Fear Ward
    Inner Fire
    Inner Will
    Shackle Undead
    Mind Control
    Power Word: Fortitude
    Shadow Protection
    Vampiric Embrace

    Your other heals are useful and if you are feeling ambitious you can bind these also.

    vi. Rotation

    Before we delve deep into this, I should point out a few of the mechanics of our abilities.
    Devouring Plague: This is our only dot that can only be on one target at a time.
    Mind Sear: Since 4.1, this ability can be used on allies, this makes it one better. Why? Because 11 is one louder.
    Mind Spike: wipes all of our dots from a target. This does NOT do extra damage when wiping dots.
    Mind Flay: Now considered a channeled DoT. Use this to refresh your SWP
    Dots: How our dots are effected by stats can be a bit confusing. DoTs use spellpower, haste and %damage increases that are in effect the moment they are cast. Their crit chance is updated per your char sheet on each tick. For example, lets say you cast VT, then Bloodlust is used. Your VT will not gain the effects of Bloodlust. If you cast VT just during the bloodlust buff, it will be effected. In wrath, we would pop a crit CD before we cast our initial SWP, this is mostly pointless now with the new system. You will want to use %damage, haste, and spell power CDs before you cast VT and DP still though. Using CDs for SWP is pointless as its properties are effected each time it is refreshed via MF.

    Single target:

    Short version:

    Keep your dots up, (VT>DP>SWP)
    Mind Blast on CD (clip mind flays to do this)
    Mind Flay as filler
    Use archangel on CD
    Use Shadow Fiend on CD

    Long version:

    Most of your damage will come from you dots, you need to strive to have 100% up-time on these. In wrath we strived to have 99.999999% uptime. With the new dot mechanics introduced in cata, we can have 100% dot uptime. I will take a second to explain how this works. In wrath, when you applied a new dot to a target, it simply canceled the old version of that dot and applied the new one as a fresh dot. In cata, when we cast a dot, it adds the new dots duration to the old dot +1 tick. With this in mind we should be casting our dots so that they land with one tick left on the pre-existing dot.
    Dots are your number 1 priority.

    We will use MB to gain the Empowered Shadows buff, which increases our periodic spell damage by 40%. This includes mind flay, mind sear, SWP, DP, and VT. We will strive to achieve 100% uptime on Empowered Shadows. RNG may prohibit us from doing this though.
    To gain empowered shadows, we need to have at least one shadow orb when Mind Blast goes off. Having more than one orb only effects the damage of Mind Blast.
    To gain Shadow orbs we will be using Mind Flay and SWP. Every tick of these gives us an 8% chance to gain an orb. Also, taking big hits will give us orbs. But this is not an ideal way to gain them

    A good opener would be
    VT, SWP, DP, MF, MF, Shadowfiend, MB

    (doing this should mean you have power torrent and volcano card proc'ed when you cast shadowfiend and an orbed MB)

    Use MF as a filler and keep 100% up time on your dots.
    Cast MB on cool down, even if this means clipping a MF right after the second tick.
    When you get 5 stacks of evangelism. Use Archangel to consume these at a point in the rotation where you will not need to refresh a dot for a duration of MF.
    If you are feeling very ambitious, you can time archangel to be used immediately before the last tick of a Mind Flay. By doing this, you will gain one stack of Evangelism right after you consume the 5 stack and MF will still tick, which is good because it will only take one more MF to get you back to 5 stacks.
    Use Archangel as close to on CD as possible and use Shadow Fiend the same way.
    If you are particularly ambitious you can hold off on Archangel for a few seconds if you expect your trinkets and power torrent to proc soon. Increasing Int during your CDs will net more damage.

    Now you are settled in, continue to keep 100% uptime on you dots, and maximize your empowered shadows buff and a 5 stack of evangilism

    4.1 MB rules
    Use MB as close to on CD as possible while adhering to the following rules:
    1. you have one or more shadow orbs
    2. there is more than 6.5 seconds left on your empowered shadows buff

    4.2 MB rules
    cast it on CD. Clip your MFs to do this.
    Time your dots so you wont have any down time without short changing your Mind Blasts

    Sub 25% SWD will become your second priority spell. If it is glyphed you can perform the double tap, if not just use it once. You will want to use this on CD unless you are at low HP. SWD is second priority only to a 2+ orb MB.
    Dont use SWD when it will kill you. Like on Halfus or Baleroc when you have the increased shadow damage debuff.

    Multiple Targets:

    2 targets:

    Put VT and SWP on both targets, and DP on one of them.
    Keep 100% on all your dots and use MF to refresh SWP.
    Use MB just like you did single target.

    3 targets:

    Apply VT and SWP to all targets, and DP to one target.
    Keep these dots up.
    Fill the voids with Mind sear while targetting the tank.
    Use MB to keep up Mind Sear since empowered shadows will increase your mind sear damage.

    4+ targets

    Just Mind Sear the tank.
    It will help if you can have empowered shadows up when the add phase begins.

    vii. Tips and Tricks

    Dispersion: Dont forget about this, Use it when you are going to take large amounts of damage. Below are some very good uses of it
    Valiona: Meteors, Black Out
    Halfus: During Furious Roar
    Maloriak: Flame breath ability
    Omnitron: Magmaw fixate, soaking a slime from poison protocol
    Chimeron: Fued
    Nefarian: Electrocute
    Creating a "/cancelaura dispersion" macro can make it so you can use dispersion just for an incoming attack and get back to dpsing only loosing one GCD to soak a bunch of damage.

    Fade: This can be used to bounce a boss between players if you have top aggro. Useful in the burn phase of Chimeron

    Bloodlust and other similar effects: Using Shadow Fiend during bloodlust will make it hit more times. This is good.
    You are going to maximize your bloodlust effected DoT uptime during and after bloodlust. If you have a full duration (or near full) dot on the target when bloodlust is cast, it will benefit you to recast it. DO NOT forgo your empowered shadows buff to do this. As bloodlust is about to end, you are going to want to recast your VT and DP in order to ensure a full duration will be had even after Bloodlust ends. Don't bother recasting SWP as it will be dynamically updated via MF refresh

    Mind Flay: Getting a cast bar that displays your latency will allow you to cast MF while you are in the red to cast MF back to back with no downtime and without clipping the last tick.
    If you find yourself being particularly incompetent and you keep clipping MF you can make a no-clip macro like this: "/cast [nochanneling] mind flay" which will make it impossible to clip MF. Depending on your latency this could create gaps between MF's.

    vii. UI/Interface

    Addons I find very useful are:

    AZCastbar: displays latency on your cast bar

    ForteXorcist II: Allows you to track your dots on multiple targets and see each tick on the bars displayed. These dynamically update with haste changes.

    OmniCC: Helps to track your ability cooldowns more accurately

    Omen: Threat Tracker

    Power Auras Classic: A powerful buff/debuff tracker, great for tracking evangelism, empowered shadows, shadow orbs, bloodlust, power infusion, etc...

    **Disclaimer** I by no means am an awesome Shadow Priest nor an authority on the topic.

    Edit log:
    5-28-11: Added SWD notes and Dot mechanic notes, Also added a mention of Simcraft. Courtesy of klausi. Also updated the bloodlust/CD section to be less wrong. Added making your toon section.
    5-31-11: Updated racials to fix the spirit increase from humans.
    10-28-11: Much needed general update. Stat weights, general rotation updates etc.
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    very nice, showed me a couple things I had been doing wrong/didn't know about my shadow priest. Thank you very helpful

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    I am not as familiar with shadow priest mechanics (or DoT mechanics in general) and I didn't see it mentioned in the guide: Is there any benefit to manually refreshing dots when you get a spell power or haste boost (Including SW:P)? Or should we not bother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greensocks View Post
    Mind Blast whenever you have at least one shadow orb
    Quote Originally Posted by greensocks View Post
    Sub 25% SWD will become your top priority spell. If it is glyphed you can perform the double tap, if not just use it once. You will want to use this on CD unless you are at low HP.
    Long story short: Simcraft shows better results for using Mind Blast on cooldown. Another advantage: you don't have to hassle with tracking Orbs or worrying about your empowered shadows timer. Keeping your empowered shadows buff up is more important on multitarget fights. But no rule without exception: During the execute phase your only prefer mindblast with 2+ orbs over SWD and you also wait for an orb if you have a mastery procc from a trinket.

    Quote Originally Posted by jere View Post
    I am not as familiar with shadow priest mechanics (or DoT mechanics in general) and I didn't see it mentioned in the guide: Is there any benefit to manually refreshing dots when you get a spell power or haste boost (Including SW:P)? Or should we not bother?
    Reapplying your dots during trinket proccs (and lust, but greensocks already covered this) nets higher dps in general. But for being sure it's the case for your exact situation (gear, raidcomp, fight): always sim it yourself

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    thanks for the awesome feed back, will update the guide to cover these topics

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    moved to DPS forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turelliax View Post
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    What? No Night Elves??
    Great guide. Some nice explanations without going too deep.

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    About human:

    Twisted Faith

    Increases your shadow spell damage by 1/2%, and grants you spell hit rating equal to 50/100% of any Spirit gained from items or effects.

    Does not count towards HR, so I'm afraid humans better stick to healing

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    "Simcraft shows better results for using Mind Blast on cooldown. "

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Schisme | Schisme <Lux> of Kilrogg, Shadow Priest & <Symphonia> of Turalyon, Protection Paladin

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    OMG ITS SCHISME! I am subscribed to you on the youtube

    on your "Simcraft shows better results for using Mind Blast on cooldown. " statement:

    in a higher movement fight, empowered shadows is more important than MB on CD imo, you always want empowered dots. Also, your DP spam should be hitting harder as you run. If you agree with this statement, i will add it to the guide.
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    It's Greensocks!!

    ES has a 15 second duration and MB has a 6.5 second CD (via spec) and 1.2 (with haste) cast. That's 7.7 Seconds which is just over 15 seconds when casted twice, which is just over the duration of the ES buff. That means you can get an extra MB cast off and have 1 second, or less, downtime on ES which will do exactly nothing since you'll have refreshed your dots before the ES buff expired and if you're still casting MF, it's because you're fishing for orbs and that's the exact reason why using MB on cd is such a big deal. If you have an opposing view or evidence, I'd love to hear it! I'm all about the theorycrafting!
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Schisme | Schisme <Lux> of Kilrogg, Shadow Priest & <Symphonia> of Turalyon, Protection Paladin

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    For what its worth, at high gear lvls it really doesnt make a difference how you word it.... you will have an orb 90% of the time when MB comes off CD.

    You are going to have a difficult time convincing me to use MB every CD. some times your dots line up to where you need those 2 seconds to refresh them....

    I will give it a shot in a raid environment... but like i said, i doubt i will notice a difference as 90% of the time i do use it on CD.
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    I didn't see it mentioned in the guide but on my SP I use the
    [nochanneling] tag in a macro to let you spam cast spells

    #show Spell Name
    /cast [nochanneling] Spell Name
    Then you can spam cast the spell, without interrupting MF's channel.

    I would also suggest Event Horizon for DoT tracking. But that's just me.
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    i do not use that macro, as it will lead to down time on a high latency connection. the best thing to do it is take advantage of your latency and "pre-cast" while you are in the red.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greensocks View Post
    i do not use that macro, as it will lead to down time on a high latency connection. the best thing to do it is take advantage of your latency and "pre-cast" while you are in the red.
    Even better yet, if you clip MF after the second tick you'll get more ticks off over a several casts. This isn't nearly as important as other aspects of playing Shadow, but it's worth mentioning.
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    schisme dude, why do your healers always let you die? Im trying to look at your World of logs. Seams like you are always dead....
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    Quote Originally Posted by greensocks View Post
    schisme dude, why do your healers always let you die? Im trying to look at your World of logs. Seams like you are always dead....
    My excuse depends on the fight! On ODS I blame melee! Bastards know when Arcanotron is going to target me and lets it go through. I swear I die more often to Annihilator than anyone else. The past couple of weeks have been pretty bad overall for raiding. Last night was much better, but I did sacrifice myself to the noob god once on Atramedes :<
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    Maybe you should do what good shadow priests do and stack stamina....

    Stam stacking priest FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by greensocks View Post
    Maybe you should do what good shadow priests do and stack stamina....

    Stam stacking priest FTW!
    I remember when Warlocks gained SP for Stamina. BRILLIANT! lol
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